3 PhD students Embedded Sensor Systems

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3 PhD students in the core areas of Embedded Sensor Systems for Health
Ref number: 141/13
Employment: Temporary employment
Closing date for application:2013-09-09

Campus location: Västerås

Mälardalen University (MDH) announces three PhD student positions. The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) provides an international research-intensive environment with strong focus on Embedded Systems. IDT is hosting a large number of national and international research projects, in many cases in close collaboration with industrial partners.

Embedded Sensor Systems for Health (ESS-H) is a new research profile at Mälardalen University targeting Embedded Sensor Systems for Health. ESS-H is financed by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation by 36 million SEK over 6 years. In ESS-H, researchers at MDH are working together with industrial partners, municipalities, and county councils with the aim to develop novel embedded sensor systems promoting health. The sensor systems will monitor health conditions and follow health trends of elderly at home, but also monitor drivers and machine operators with the aim to achieve a safer work environment.

The current three PhD student positions address the ESS-H core areas: Biomedical Sensor Technology, Biomedical Signal Processing, and Intelligent Decision Support.

Together, these three PhD students will span large parts of the competence areas:

Monitoring physiological parameters, provide feedback to the user/patient/care staff and/or relative
Traditional signal processing in the time and frequency domains, detection of various biomedical signals, removal of motion and environmental artefacts, motion analysis, development of inverse scattering algorithms for image reconstruction, and advanced sensor data analysis in the sensor nodes
Distributed decision support, case-based reasoning, machine learning and knowledge discovery, and information fusion
As a PhD student, you will focus on one of these research problems and investigate it thoroughly. You will also be active in teaching activities.

The requirement for being qualified for PhD studies is to have at least four years of university studies, corresponding to a Master?s degree.
Admittance to the post-graduate education will be handled in conjunction with the employment procedure. In general anyone who has graduated with a Master's degree with a major in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science is eligible as graduate student in Embedded Systems. Students with corresponding qualifications, for instance from similar programs at other universities, may also be admitted.

The PhD students will participate in the building of a large cross-subject research group with several senior researchers, with focus on a systems-oriented research within the ESS-H research profile, in collaboration with industry and society, and building a regional, national and international network. Cooperational abilities and experience of core competence areas are thus of importance.

Active involvement in the development of the ESS-H environment as well as the entire ES environment is expected.

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Kontaktpersoner på detta företaget

Sektionschef Lennart Ytter
021-10 73 83
Enhetschef Susanne Rönnemark Nording
016-15 51 03
OFR Susanne Meijer
021-10 14 89
SACO Elisabeth C Andersson
021-10 14 51
Redovisningschef Susan Broman
021-10 73 20
SACO-S Elisabeth C Andersson
021-10 14 51
Professor Anders Garpelin
021-10 13 21
Professor Hans Hansson
021-10 31 63
Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas

Dr. Cristina Seceleanu
021-15 17 64
Kommunikationschef Sara Seltborg
021-10 15 35
Chef Annika Tjernström
021-10 32 05
Processledare Cecilia Vestman
016-15 51 08
Biträdande personalchef Eva-May Malmström
021-10 15 82
Personalhandläggare Ulrika Kärrvall
021-10 70 82
Professor Mats Jackson
SACO Elisabeth C Andersson
OFR Susanne Meijer
021-10 1489
Fastighetschef Elin S Olander
021-10 17053
Professor Mats Björkman
021-10 70 37
Professor Hans Hansson
021-10 3163
Sektionschef Lennart Ytter

Anneli Mossberg
Kommunikationschef Sara Seltborg
021-10 1535
OFR Suanne Meijer
021-10 1489
Sektionschef Malin Gunnarsson
021-10 7009
Kanslichef Johan Andersson
021-10 7057
Enhetschef Ammie Westbeck
Anders Garpelin
021-10 13 21
Sergei Silverstrov
021-10 15 24
Erik Jense
021-10 15 37
Avdelningschef Erik Janse
Professor Sergei Silvestrov
redovisnings- och inköpschef Susan Broman
021-10 73 20
Enhetschef Teresa Weidsten
021-10 7051
Anders Nordström
021-10 13 60
Caroline Sandberg
Malin Gunnarsson
021-10 7009
Enhetschef Charlotta Svebeus
021-10 3120
Förvaltningschef Marie Eriksson
021-10 15 85
Förvaltningschef Marie Eriksson
021-10 15 85
Bitr kommunikationschef Sofia Norling
021-10 13 25
Sektionschef Malin Gunnarsson
021-10 70 09
Administrativ chef Madeleine Scherlin
administrativ chef Madeleine Scherlin
016-15 51 51
avdelningschef Lena Hallström
021-10 16 18
avdelningschef Agneta Brav
021-15 17 55
avdelningschef Lillemor Stribeck
016-15 37 62
avdelningschef Munir Dag
016-15 34 15
universitetslektor Christine Gustafsson
016-15 34 69 070 686 23 27
IT-chef Berit Nyqvist
021-10 14 42
Avdelningschef Maria Karlsson
021-10 70 43
Professor i pedagogik Anders Garpelin
021-10 13 21
programsamordnare Anneli Strömsöe

Sektionschef Ammie Westbeck
Förvaltningschef Ann Cederberg
Biträdande förvaltningschef Björn Magnusson
Biträdande personalchef Frida Proos
administrativ chef Madeleine Scherlin
Ledningskansliet Hans Berggren
Redovisningschef Yvonne Arlestrand-Lundgren
samordnaren för studenter m. funktionsnedsättning Angela Andersson
016-15 36 70
Sektionschef Anders Nordström
administrativ chef Madeleine Scherlin
Enhetschef Katarina Ylikiiskilä
Bibliotekschef Lisa Petersen
Biträdande sektionschef Anna Stinesen
Administrativ chef Jonas Truedsson
Associate Professor Lucia Crevani
+46 21 15 17 47
avdelningschef Cecilia Rydlo
021-10 13 35
Radu Dobrin
021-10 73 56


> Sista ansökningsdatum: 9 September 2013
Ange referens: 141/13
E-post: [email protected]





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