Base Technology Developer

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Base Technology Developer, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

At Research & Development you will be a key contributor to the next generation outstanding luxury cars from Volvo. Together with other engineers around the world, you and your team will create innovative human-centric car technology that makes life less complicated and more enjoyable for people. Are you interested in design and connected car technology? Do you share our passion for people, the environment and our urge to create a superior driving experience? Research and Development is the place for you to prosper.

The department Network Design (in Electrical Architecture & Base technologies) currently consists of 14 people and we work with base technologies in three main areas: wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ITSG5/WAVE, cellular etc.), wired technologies (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, Ethernet etc.) and signal database implementations on vehicle networks. We are a part of the section Diagnostics and ECU Platform. Our section is responsible for all base technologies in the electrical platform, which forms the fundament for all electronic control units in the entire electrical system.

As a Base Technology Developer you will work within the wireless team. Our mission is to develop new wireless technologies for our vehicles, which enables great user experience based on the real customer needs realized in the electrical system. Within your role, you will be working with a small and efficient team which perform research and investigations on new standards/technologies, defines how to use them and performs proof of concept. This is the opportunity to work with the team Base Technology, which focuses on multiple wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi (802.11, ITSG5/WAVE etc.), Bluetooth and cellular technologies such as 3G, 4G, and 5G.

The main focus for the role will be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but you will also support the team with development of other technologies. You will have the opportunity to learn, design and test these technologies and be involved in the process from start until the end.

Main responsibilities

* Identify new wireless technologies and define how to use them in an automotive context
* Perform proof of concept
* Implementation support ("wireless expert") towards the implementation organization, which uses wireless technologies for their applications
* Understand, update and improve existing base technology specifications
* Be responsible to follow and have a close contact with standardization bodies, suppliers (semiconductor industry) and develop roadmaps
* Be involved actively in the development of wireless test methods (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), which are divided in validation of wireless communication systems and system verification and component verification using Design For Six Sigma methodology

Required qualifications

* B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering with special subject/interest in wireless communications
* A passion for wireless technologies (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) with 3-5 years of development or testing experience
* Measurement and analysis of wireless technologies - hardware and software
* Knowledge of RF technology, 802.11 protocol stack, Bluetooth LE, TCP/IP communication, Linux OS and HW/SW integration in ECU
* Fluent in English (written and oral)
* Driving license (B)
* Experience in product development at a semiconductor is meritoriuos
* Education within Design for Six Sigma (Green Belt/Blue Belt) is a plus

Personal qualities

* A great communicator and excellent corporation skills
* High motivation, self-driven, and is a team player who possess good social-interpersonal skills
* Customer oriented
* Holistic view and conceptual thinking
* High integrity and professionalism
* Business and performance driven

About Volvo Car Group
The future belongs to those who are empowered by a great idea and have the ability to carry it out. At Volvo Car Group, our vision is clear: "To be the world's most progressive and desired luxury car brand" by simplifying people's lives. We have bold targets when it comes to innovation, sales and customer satisfaction and to make this happen, we need talented people onboard. People with passion, energy, business sense and the drive to innovate. People that want to create the next generation Volvo cars in a global, dynamic and respectful environment. We will support you to reach your full potential. Join us on this exciting journey into the future.

In this recruitment process we are collaborating with Randstad Professionals. If you have any questions regarding the position you are welcome to contact the responsible recruitment consultant Nadja Bergman by e-mail [email protected] Note that applications by e-mail will not be accepted and that your application documents should be written in English.

Interviews will be held continuously. To apply, please register your profile and attach your application documents via the link below as soon as possible but no later than September 12, 2016.

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