Engineer, Induction Heating


Engineer, Induction Heating
Induction heating is a non-contact method which can be used for fast and direct heating of all electrically conductive materials. Magnetic materials such as steel are particularly easy to heat
whereas carbon fibers are much harder.
Corebon has developed induction heating solutions, including our own frequency inverters and a simulation database for optimization of CFRP heating and processing. The result is a setup with high efficiency, with uniform and controllable temperature pattern over large components.
We are now looking for expanding our great team of induction heating engineers at Corebon to be able to serve our customers with unique solutions for their composite production. You will be involved in the development of state-of-the-art heating solutions for numerous processes within several interesting industries.
You will be involved from the early stage of a project all the way to a finished product used either in our own state of the art production facility or at one of our customer’s sites. Examples of applications are rapid thermal cycling of metal molds for compression molding or resin transfer molding, direct heating of carbon fiber for induction welding of thermoplastic composites, bonding of parts or continuous processes like pultrusion and automatic tape laying.
The role as an induction heating engineer is cross disciplinary with plenty of room for invention and flexibility in work duties.
 Are you that person?
What you will do

Be a part of the product development of induction heating equipment, from concept to finished product.
Simulations and calculations of inductors, mechanics etc.
CAD of inductors and mechanic accessories.
Testing and verification of induction heating systems.
Concept studies.
Design and production of test models for proof of concepts.
Setup measurement case studies.

Project types:

Internal research and development of inductor concepts and induction heating solutions.
Customer projects related to composite processing using induction heating.

Who are you?
You are a positive person, committed to the highest quality and with “can-do” attitude that always striving to improve results. We are searching for a person with a vast knowledge and experience in the field but are also open to recruit someone with limited work experience, with good skills in general and a great hunger to learn new things.
Skills and experience:

Master of science in mechanical, electrical or engineering physics or similar.
Experience from electromagnetism and induction heating
Experience from mechanical CAD (plus)
Experience from simulations in 2D or 3D (plus)
Experience from Matlab, Octave, Python or similar
Experience from electrical measurement equipment such as oscilloscope, LCR meter etc.

About Corebon
The company has invented and patented the world's fastest production process for carbon fiber reinforced plastic, resulting in a new higher standard for composite materials, lower costs and minimal environmental impact - we call it Corebon Technology. Corebon Technology results in up to 10 times faster cycle times, up to 95% energy savings, and the highest fiber volume fraction composites ever industrially manufactured.
The company develop and sell production solutions to composite manufacturing companies around the world and has also in-house production of fiber composite components and develop novel products within the field. Corebon is one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden. A year ago, we were about 30 employees, now we are 90 and searches for new skilled and motivated people to join us.
Our customers are world leading companies in the aviation, automotive, sporting goods industry etc.
Next step
Do you want to be part of this super interesting company journey and work together with other smart and fun people? Don’t hesitate to send us your application.


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Engineer, Induction Heating

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