Group Leader Target Control & Safety

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Description of directorate/division
The Target Division is responsible for:

- The various systems converting the high energy proton beam coming from the ESS linear accelerator into low energy neutron beams distributed to the experimental areas or instruments:

• Target (proton-to-neutron converter)

• Moderators-reflectors (converting the high energy neutrons into low energy neutrons required by instruments)

• Shielding (protecting operators, experimentalists and equipment working around these systems)

- The ancillaries and utilities necessary to operate and maintain these systems, including the nuclear safety classified systems

Description of main responsibilities
The tasks of Group Leader for Control and Safety will address

• The full spectrum of safety and control issues for spallation source target station design, construction and operation. The target station safety system will be integrated with the facility control system for the purposes of personal and machine protection and in addition will provide an additional, independent safety layer satisfying the regulatory requirements for environmental protection and safety

• Data collection, research and development of research on safety, controls, instrumentation and target monitoring in spallation target stations: target, structural parts, reflector, containers, vacuum vessels, pipes, utilities

• Leading participation in the conceptual, functional and engineering design for the safety and control systems of the ESS target station

• Interface with other areas of activities in the Target Division and other ESS divisions

• Organisational, management and reporting responsibilities for special and general tasks assigned within the Target Division in the framework of various ESS projects

• Compilation, documentation and dissemination of the results in technical reports, scientific publications and at professional meetings

• Interaction with experts in other similar facilities, academic institutions and industry in order to maintain a world class expertise in control and safety at ESS

• Guiding and supervising the work of collaborators in the Control & Safety Group, responsibility for safety, quality, compliance, internal and external coordination

• Training young group members in target safety research, development and engineering

• Line management responsibilities in the group, such as, recruit and retain competent and motivated personnel with target safety expertise


Technical competences:

• University degree or higher, in physics or nuclear engineering

• Extensive expertise in research, design, development and operation in spallation research or similar, in particular in the area of safety and controls

• Recognized expertise and track record in spallation source research

• Experience of working in an international environment is essential

• Excellent oral and written English skills are a prerequisite; knowledge of other European languages would be an advantage

Behavioral competencies:

• Ability to foster the professional development of the group members through mentoring, conference attendance and publication in conference proceedings and, where appropriate, peer-reviewed journals

• Ability to establish and facilitate good cooperation and communication between the group members and other ESS groups and staff

• Ability to build confidence and communion to get the group to perform as a team, capability to bring out the unique qualities of the individuals in the group and motivate them to contribute to the success of the team

• Lead the technical design of the target monolith and remote handling operations and defend the design at internal and external project reviews, both orally and in writing, in a manner that projects credibility

Duration & Location
The position is permanent. Your work place will be situated in Lund, Sweden.

Start date
The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

Application & Contact
Please provide your curriculum vitae and covering letter in English by clicking on “apply” and following the instructions. Please note we only accept applications via the ESS website.
The deadline for applications is September 13 2013.

For further information, please contact HR Officer, Charlotta Olsson, charlotta.olsson[at]



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