Professor of Forest Products with a specialization in wood properties

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Situated at Linnæus University, Department of Forestry and Wood Technology in the Faculty of Technology

Research Environment

The Department of Forestry and Wood Technology carries out research and provides education in the value chain from the market back to silviculture. The field is thematic with an anchored base in the different research topics along the value chain. Research and education are well developed in the wood products value chains and new areas of interest for the future are non-wood forest products and other values of the forest.

Linked to the Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, two bachelor and one masters programme are offered to the students. A new 5-year programme "The Forest and its Products" built on the above programmes is under development.

The Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, together with the sections for Wood Engineering, Bioenergy Technology and the Built Environment, represents a coherent and long-term sphere, Forest products and sustainable development. This theme sphere has about 50 employees, including 9 professors. For the now presented staking in the field of forestry and wood technology three new professors will be appointed.

Linnaeus University has adopted a strategy for achieving equal conditions for all its employees and students within the university’s fields of activity, which means e.g. a uniform gender distribution within the professorial staff.

Description of the position

The work content involves both research and teaching as well as the development of courses within both basic and research education in forest products with a direction towards the anatomical, chemical and physical structure of wood and its other technical properties. In addition, the position includes how these properties change and can be protected during the storage and handling of the wood from the felling in the forest through the various refinement stages, to the end user of the wood products. It also includes how the properties of the wood are dependent on the rate of growth of the tree (a part of the forest production quality). This post also includes what are usually called the peculiarities of wood, such as knots, reaction wood, cracks, resin pockets, twist, juvenile wood etc and how these features influence other wood qualities as well as the marking for cross-cutting and the measuring and quality classification of the roundwood and the price classification of sawn timber, which requires a detailed knowledge of the various wood assortments and how these can technically and economically be optimized from the tree.


Assessment criteria/Qualifications
Basic eligibility
Competence requirements

• Documented scientific skills in the subject, and an ability to contribute to the development of an attractive research environment supported by and entering into co-operative ventures with business and enterprise, local authorities, the county council and other stakeholders,

• Documented pedagogic skills in the subject and experience of integrated teaching and research in cooperation with the community,

•      Special weight is given to the applicant’s ability to initiate and lead research of high academic standard, as well as the applicant’s ability to achieve financing for research activities including cooperation with the industry.

•      Documented administrative skills.

Other assessment criteria
The applicant’s pedagogic merits and documented experience of teaching in the subject field, where consideration is given to experience of examinations, the development of courses, the supervision of degree projects, teaching at a post-graduate research level and the supervision of doctoral students.

The successful candidate shall have a good analytical and creative ability, an interest in scientific method and a good ability to cooperate. The applicant shall be able to show a documented interest in close cooperation with the industry. We value the ability to develop both national and international contacts and networks.  A documented ability to create research resources and industrial cooperation is a merit.

Relative importance of assessment criteria

• Scientific skills.

• Cooperation with the industry and the ability to achieve financing for research activities.

• Pedagogic skills.

• All the other assessment criteria indicated above.

Terms of employment
The vacancy is a full-time appointment

Questions directed towards the research area should be directed to:
Head of Department, Dr Åsa Rydell Blom +46 (0)706 87 05 15, [email protected]
Union representatives can be accessed via the university switchboard, +46 (0)772-28 80 00. Matters of employment will be answered by staff consultant Eric Åstedt, +46 (0)470-76 75 58, [email protected]

To be able to apply for the position on and vacancies, indicate that you agree to the terms. In this you follow the directions given. The credentials you invoke must be verified with certification and they must be attached to digital in the e-recruitment tool.

Other documents, including various types of scientific pieces of work, should primarily be submitted digitally with the application, and secondary by regular mail in three identical sets to Linnaeus University Registrar, 351 95 Växjö. The application and attached documents shall be marked with the reference number. All supporting documents must be received by the University no later than 24.00 on the closing day.

Kontaktpersoner på detta företaget

ErikÅstedt, Personalkonsult
UlrikaWelander, Professor
Lena Larsson, Prefekt
0480-44 67 11
Helena Birath, Personalkonsult
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Erik Elheim, Personalkonsult

Bärbel Westphal, Prefekt

Linda Reneland Forsman, Prefekt
Joakim  Krantz, Studierektor för forskarutbildningen
Karolina Österdahl, Personalkonsult
Peter Karlsudd, Professor

Anna Greek, Studierektor

Kjell Arvidsson, Prefekt

Maria Lindgren, Prefekt
Daniel  Bergman, Studierektor
Bodil Karlsson, Personalkonsult
Barbro Gustafsson, Prefekt
Tobias Bromander, Prefekt
Mattias  Lundin, Prefekt
0480-44 69 28
Karolina Österdahl, HR-partner





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