Real-time system experts/Specialists


Real-time system experts/Specialists
To join our client wireless software team in Kista, Sweden. The objective of this job is to build a high efficiency embedded software architecture to meet the requirement of 5G : ultra-reliable and low latency. Besides we want to build scheduler models for the 5G system . There are many 5G requirements about hard real-time service, huge calculation cost and varieties about service/cell configuration/deployment. To meet the requirement of 5G system with limited resources (cpus、memory,etc) and reduce the scheduling overhead costs is a big challenge ,a deep understanding of the embedded , Real-Time system is required .

Key Qualifications
We are looking for person with a Master/PhD degree, in computer science engineering or related subject. Deep understanding of Real-Time system and parallel processing,multi-task scheduling. Understanding of real-time scheduling theory and able to analyze properties of mathematical models. Knowledge of Mixed-criticality systems where several functionalities of different importance, or criticality, co-exist on the
same platform. Knowledge of SLA (service level agreement)and QOS ( Quality of Service). Good understanding of the memory system, DDR, cache prefetching ,memory consistency ,etc. Knowledge about performance optimization and familiar with the optimization tools( perf, Oprofile,benchmark tools).
Ability to create technical specification and requirements and work independently and with no direction/supervision.
Able to quickly adapt to new or evolving technologies related to new product & services requiring validation or research.
Able to communicate well in English, both in written and oral form
Creativity and ability to work independently and as part of a team
Ability and eagerness to acquire new knowledge and apply it in the job
Preferred Qualifications
Knowledge of 5G mobile systems, and hands-on experience on top of theoretical skills is particularly valued
Good knowledge of operating system , linux, RTOS ,etc
Good collaboration and communication skills
 Talent for innovation, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skill

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CEO Johan Bergström
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