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Vidinge Grönt is a fast growing company in food industry. We produce "ready to eat" product with focus on sallad and vegetables. The company was founded at 2010 and has expanded rapidly since that time. Today we have around 130 employees. Companies business concept is to have a control of production process from raw material to ready product, and at the same time to develop our competitveness constantly.
Now we plan to make a step of evolving in our Production department and looking for a new staff for following position: Worker on packing lines
Job description:
-Working in AX operating system.
-Maintane packing machines .
-Control production journals.

-Experience in such work area.
-Communicating, reading and writing in English fluently. Knowledge of Russian language is an advantage.
-Knowledge of AX operating system is an advantage.
-Should be able to make decision.
Form of employment:
-Full time
-Offered salary is agreed within SLA union. Late working hours and overtime paid additionally. Salary increase during your worked year duration according SLA union regulations.

If you are interested in this job offer, please send your CV and application letter in english to [email protected] not later than 2016 July 18. We will do our best to come back to you within a week if we decided to invite you to job interview.



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