Personality / Commitment

Our clients within the automotive industry in Gothenburg is continuously requesting consultants who has experience from vehicle integration jobs/assignments. If you are one of these engineers, this is a great opportunity to apply to ALTEN Sweden; an excellent workplace for engineers who want to use, and develop her/his talents.

FYI. This is not as advert for one specific assignment. Or it could be by the time you send in an application, or maybe a couple of weeks after. We can see an ongoing positive trend in the market, but we cannot tell you exactly what will happen in the market or what client will request at a specific time. Sorry.

First and foremost, you love to be a consultant. This is because you enjoy a challenge, to take in new knowledge and have control over your own career. You understand that it is up to you to provide such high quality service that a client continues to prolong your assignment.

We believe that it is not the formal merits that is the most important factor to be a successful consultant. Off course, you will need a solid base of knowledge. But is as equally important to have the right attitude, to be curious, and to be flexible and driven.

Job / Skills

Regarding possible assignments, of course, it is always up to the clients to make final decisions. But tell me, where are you in your career? What positions are you interested in?

Preferably you have extensive automotive experience, preferably from a car manufacturer or from a supplier to one. Depending on your background and competence, assignments can be in one of the following areas:

- Perceived Quality; responsible to set the aesthetical final demands and to follow up deviations.
- Attributes and Requirements; define, communicate, and follow up guidelines within a specific area.
- Geometry Management; create and define design pre-requisites before start of part design.
- Concepts & Packaging; define, develop, and layout through all stages of vehicle development.
- Verification & Analysis; processes management, planning/coordination and complete verification
- Prototype build & test objects; define vehicle content, material management, build control, work shops

Tell me, which area is your field of expertise? And which of them would you like to work with? Good to know, some assignments require fully professional English skills, and some might include business trips overseas. How would your ideal situation look like?

Is being a consultant at ALTEN within this field something for you? Yes? Then, welcome to send in your application, consisting of a CV and a cover letter.

Apply here: http://www.alten.se/arbeta-hos-alten/jobberbjudanden/jobb/3045-different-kinds-of-vehicle-integration-engineers

Note. No selection of candidates for interviews and/or meetings will be done during the weeks 29-32. At that that time, we will not be able to answer any questions either.

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HR-Partner Kristina Jankulovski
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