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SAFER is a world leading research center for automotive and traffic safety at the Chalmers University of Technology. SAFER collaborates with more than 30 different partners within the academia, industry, institutions and society to progress in research and innovation to achieve the vision "near zero accidents and injuries" with a sustainable transporting system.
SAFER is now searching for a new director with a great portion of engagement, commitment and ability to lead in the collaborative project - a role that really makes a difference in the ongoing development of road safety. The selection process will be ongoing so don’t wait, apply today!

We are looking for a Director of SAFER that will be responsible for leading SAFER towards their vision. Expanding their platform and ensuring traffic safety in a sustainable context whilst continuing the development of road safety in modern cities in an increasingly automated and connected traffic system.

SAFER is a vehicle and traffic safety center within Chalmers organization, which has a central role in transportation. As with most of the directors of the various research centres at Chalmers, the director of safer will be employed at Chalmers Industrial Technology (CIT). This provides many benefits related to skills development and encourages a "best practice" method of working.

As the director at SAFER, your main target is to develop the organization together with the collaborative partners and a team of scientific leaders from various research areas; including communicators, infrastructure managers, controllers and project administrators. The role includes responsibility for ensuring the long-term financing of SAFER, budget responsibility, contacts with partners as well as responsibility for the projects SAFER undertakes. As director of SAFER, you have the ability to influence traffic safety, prevent accidents and save lives.

You will, for example:

* Define and drive the strategic agenda of the SAFER together with its partners
* Create and manage projects that have an impact on real traffic safety and to generate new findings within this area
* Develop and pursue partnerships with existing and new partners
* Pursue and manage international collaborations
* Maintain and develop necessary research infrastructure
* Attract and maintain funding and make key decisions in daily operations

To manage and excel in this role at SAFER you need to have the ability to think long-term, think strategically, have an enterprising mindset, like to work independently and manage projects.

* Have a minimum a master's degree in a relevant field

* Have experience of working as a managerial and/or in a project manager roll
* Have relevant experience within the context of research and / or industrial product development, where there has been a collaboration between different types of partners
* Have experience writing research applications
* Have worked with budget and profit responsibility
* Speak fluent English

It is a merit, but not required if you:
* Have a PhD within a relevant area

* Have experience of working in EU projects, competence centers, agencies or similar structures
* Have actively researched and pursued advanced product development in the automotive and traffic safety
* Have experience in working with more than one of SAFERS four partner categories (academia, industry, institutions and government)

You as a person have a strategic approach since you will work with different research questions where the footing is to be creative and think new. You are able to take new initiatives and have the ability to lead in both a formal and informal structure. You are skilled in interpersonal relations where you see yourself as the link between the stakeholders, academia, industry, governments. You should be able to carry out the work on the basis of SAFER and their collaborative parties interests to achieve your common goals. The role will also be about to establish new contacts and to market SAFER to ensure funding which witch will demand high skill in building relationships and understand the business acumen.


* START: During the first half of 2017
* WORK EXTENT: Fulltime
* SALARY: According to the agreement
* LOCATION: Gothenburg
* CONTACT; Josefine Skagert
* LAST DAY TO APPLY: 2017-03-05

We only handle applications through our website but if you have questions about the position you are welcome to email us and we will answer during office hours. Please write the advert title in the subject and paste the advert link in the mail.

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SAFER is a world leading research center for automotive and traffic safety. SAFER collaborates with more than 30 different partners within the academia, industry, institutions and society to progress in research and innovation to achieve the vision "near zero accidents and injuries". SAFER is located inside the walls of Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, which is installed with workstations and meeting rooms that brings together the organization and the collaborative research. Chalmers has been hosting SAFER for 10 years where the big challenge still is in the development and research of road safety in modern cities. The increased numbers of vulnerable road users, new vehicles and means of transportation with the introduction of automated, connected vehicles in a transporting system must be introduced in a safe way. Road safety is an integral feature of a sustainable transport system.

Chalmers Industriteknik (CTI) is a foundation founded by Chalmers University of Technology with about 110 million in annual sales with an average of 100 employees where approximately half of the staff got a Ph.D in different areas.

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