Group Manager Connectivity and Teleoperation

Group Manager Connectivity and Teleoperation


The leaves on the ground rustle gently as you turn on to the narrow trail leading deep into the forest. The vibrant scent of pine wood is floating towards you in a slow breeze and you take deep breaths filling your lungs with the crisp air so typical for these hazy last days of summer. The silence is reinvigorating and you find yourself deep into thinking about how to sharpen the team strategy going forward. This train of thought leads you into the plans for the upcoming team strategy activity and you make a mental note to double-check the conference booking.

Just as the path turns around a bend and the landscape transforms from thicket into a small forest clearing you get a phone call from a potential new colleague you are excited about recruiting. Your cheerful greeting breaks the silence in the woods and startles a quintet of wood pigeons who stir hastily through the leafy undergrowth. As you head back to the office to continue your work day you feel at perfect balance and you are grateful for yet another fantastic start of a work week.

The Cloud domain is a part of the Technology organization at Volvo Autonomous Solutions. We design the solutions of the future including teleoperation, connectivity and cloud services for autonomous traffic, fleet and productivity management. Our mission is to create safe automation solutions helping our customers reach sustainability and productivity goals. We are driven by the vision that our innovations will meet and exceed expectations from customers and contribute to a society that we want to live in.

The team you will lead is brilliant and always ready for new technical adventures and this is in fact a unique opportunity to join a fantastic department with a startup mentality working with truly disruptive technology while at the same time being a part of the world-renowned Volvo Group.

The alarm rings at 7 am, but you snooze it for the third time this morning. Today you have an important interview, both with a job candidate and with one of the big Swedish newspapers who want to know all about the teleoperated machines we are running over our own local 5G network. You need to be well rested so you close your eyes for just another minute or two.

An hour later you are already online and engaged in the first meeting of the day. The management team is extra energetic today and you have an intense discussion on a potential collaboration with a small startup company located in the Silicon Valley. Already before lunch you have planned your coming department meeting, answered a bit too many emails and had an interesting talk with one of your team members who needed your support. What a productive day! You treat yourself to a nice, solo lunch at your favorite restaurant enjoying the opportunity for some undisturbed reflection. The afternoon comes with a bit slower pace and you have ample time to start writing those first delicate lines of the job ad you will publish in search of the next brilliant software developer to join your growing team.

You are responsible for inspiring, supporting and leading the Connectivity and Teleoperation team within the Cloud domain. The people in your team are fantastic; highly competent with diverse personalities and backgrounds. You are also on a mission to find new members complementing your existing team in competence and character since you are responsible for a very expansive technical area. Your team currently consists of nearly 10 engineers, and together you are accountable for driving and developing the connectivity solutions, cyber security and teleoperation technology for our customer pilots and testing facilities. You and the team will definitely work with the absolute coolest startups and partners in many collaborative projects!

Your area is really at the heart of what we do here at Volvo Autonomous Solutions and you will support your team in the collaboration with other engineering teams, our commercial organization and of course also our customers.

Further, you will greatly influence the vision and strategy of the entire cloud domain being a key member of the management team, and definitely on top of defining how to achieve the best and continuously improving work situation for your team. The philosophy of the management team and your manager is to always put people first, approach new situations with curiosity and to always, no matter what, do so with respect for the individual. You will be encouraged to to dream big, dare to fail, and always invest time in personal development.

If you are as eager to embark on this exciting leadership journey as we are to get to work with you then don’t hesitate to reach out! We will continuously meet with candidates and are looking forward to receiving your application.

Don’t hesitate to contact the head of our department,
Johanna Huggare, Global Technology Manager Cloud, +46 31 322 47 83


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