If the building is on fire, do you commit & push first?


Then we want you! Because as a full-stack developer you must be passionate about handling every task involved in implementing new features. Everything from the database to CSS, to software-architecture via operations. In fact, coding should be your passion! You must be diverse, be able to quickly pick up new technologies and languages and know when to use what. The job involves working on several interesting projects at a time, and the kind of project will vary greatly. Our company values automation, clean code, and testability highly.

About usProjects. We work in-house with external projects for our customers. We don't do body-shopping. We do several projects per year.
Team-based development. We choose the right technology based on project demands and team decisions.
Work life balance. We are very aware that you have a life outside of work and that your family comes first.
Pair programming. We believe that two pairs of hands are better than one, and the quality of the code is more important that the quantity!
Interest groups. We take time every week to work on side projects, like e.g. a DevOps Interest Group working on Docker Swarm servers and monitoring systems.

Perks & BenefitsIndependence and Freedom in a fast career track. Working in a start-up like context means that you can grow and develop faster than in other environments; achieve your career goals in months instead of years.
Every now and then we gather for a Code Retreat where we go on a trip to sharpen our skills and start new 'passion projects'. These trips can take us to the wilderness of Sweden or why not the beaches of Mallorca.
You will join us for our annual ski trip where we meet and socialise with other Trifork teams from around Europe.
Knowledge is the heart of Trifork and therefore we offer you education when you want to expand your expertise in certain areas.

What skills are involved?
As an employee at Trifork you will be able to influence which tools, programming languages, and technologies you work with. We have worked with Clojure, Mesos, Elixir, Elm, Scala, Java, JavaScript, Riak, GoLang and many other new and interesting technologies. We are very good at web development, and working with Webpack and ReactJS has been the technology of choice for our single-page web apps.

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