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Valeo FX AB (Publ) is a Swedish financial institution that is registered with the Swedish FSA and provides services in asset management, currency hedging and factoring.

We are currently looking for new employees that will help us initiate new business relations in Lithuanian speaking countries with the aim to provide top of the line asset management services to companies and private investors.

VFX offers exclusive asset management and financial services to businesses and individuals on the foreign exchange market. Unlike the turbulent stock market, forex trading is more stable and offers better possibilities to calculate and manage risk. Currency trading is a truly good option for investors looking to improve their existing portfolio return or as a way to diversify their existing portfolio.

As a new employee at Valeo FX AB you will spend your first few days getting to know our company, learn the inner workings of the currency market, our products and basic sales techniques.

We believe you need the following skills to be successful for this position:
- excellent language skills in Lithuanian
- Basic language skills in English
- knowledge of the Lithuanian-speaking countries business culture
- excellent negotiation skills

Previous experience in finance or sales is beneficial.

Kontaktpersoner på detta företaget

Operativ chef Oliver Kraft
Sales manager Ioannis Makris
Sales manager Ioannis Makris
Operativ chef Oliver Kraft
VD Markus Johansson
VD Markus Johansson
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