Microsoft partner in Virtual Events looking for EU resellers

Microsoft partner in Virtual Events looking for EU resellers


Are you our next Reseller?
National Reseller - Digital events and meetings

Lansera provides leading expertise in the online meeting segment. With the Lansera platform clients from all over the world get access to an impressive 3D world of meeting opportunities.

We all have had a video meeting the last year. The next step in the era of the metaverse is to clients create their own 3D world to conduct events, meetings and be able to invite their world to the virtual office or venue.

Lansera is active in three continents and conducts customised 3D events with an international and national audience. The platform is the most feature-rich and customisable solution in the world today. Our clients are Citys, regions, Authorities, Universities, Global and national enterprises, and Event agencies.

The purpose of Lanseras existence is to enhance the digital meeting experience for all our clients and their audience.

Conferences, webinars, trade shows, virtual offices, and showrooms.

Below a 3D stand and the Conference room "Tables"

Lansera website: (

Lansera Microsoft Global Partner

Lansera Virtual Event, one of the world’s most cutting-edge digital events platforms, is happy to announce that its platform is now available through the Microsoft Marketplace, in over 100 countries around the world. It’s one of the first virtual platforms available on Marketplace and Microsoft’s customers and co-sellers can now take advantage of the platform on a global scale.


Lansera holds one of the market's most competitive reseller compensation packages for every reseller to be able and scale in the local market.

Lansera is looking for consultancy resellers based nationally in the European Union within these sectors:

- Recruitment
- Event and marketing
- Retail and sales
- Enterprise sales
- Do you see an opportunity here just let us know

How to get a reseller License: 4 steps

Generally speaking, you’ll follow these steps to get your reseller License:

- Apply as a reseller. Get a reseller license where your business operates and/or is incorporated. Interview and introduction to showcase the opportunity are going to be scheduled.
- Research state laws and regulations. After the recruitment reseller process, a reseller contract will be signed. Stating terms and conditions, compensation, and support with Lansera.
- Training & Education Reseller License. Once become a reseller you will be invited to Lansera training sessions to become a licensed reseller for the Lansera Platform. Including, Sales, Marketing, Cases, Platform, Onboarding, and support. To understand the entire scoop.
- Preparation of unique sector for sales and market material. Setting Marketing and sales plan. Create a Marketing and sales plan with targets for your unique sector and national market.

Minimum requirements:

Do you have what it takes to get your reseller License:

- Experience within the sector. You have 3 years of experience within the sector with a proven track record.
- National and sector awareness. Knowledge and experience in the sector you apply to become a reseller in.
- Interest or first experience in digital events and meetings. If you have the audience and the interest you don’t need to be tech-savvy, but it is positive that you have had SaaS experience.
- Stable network of clients or audience. To be able and succeed as a reseller is that you already have a network or connection to clients and existing audiences. This will increase your success rate.
- Able to focus on the product and increase the local market potential. Able to take an active step to increase the local market potential with the sales and marketing activities.
- You need a registered company to be able and become a reseller.


Apply today and we will schedule a call with you. Please attach a presentation of your business with contact details. And we will get back to you shortly.

We are looking for resellers in any of the European countries.

Contact: Viktor Strömberg, +46 7 336 633 97

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