Postdoctor in Microbiology/atherosclerosis


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Postdoctor in Microbiology/atherosclerosis

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 24 months
Extent: 100 %
Location: Institute of Medicine, Göteborg
First day of employment: As agreed
Reference number: PER 2013/366

Our group is interested in how the normal gut microbiota affects host metabolism by combining clinical oriented and animal research.

Subject area

Specific subject description
We recently demonstrated that the normal microbiota is altered in patients with metabolic diseases and that germ-free mice are resistant to developing diet-induced obesity. Furthermore, microbial metabolism of dietary components was recently demonstrated to contribute to development of atherosclerosis.

Job assignments
Assessment of atherosclerosis. Microscopy, analysis of lipids, and expression analysis.

An achieved doctoral degree is compulsory for a position as postdoctor at Göteborg University. The doctoral thesis shall be in a relevant area according to the specific position stated here. Since a position as postdoctor aims to give new holders of the doctorate the opportunity mainly to strengthen and develop their scholarly proficiency, we aim for those who have a doctoral degree not older than 3 years counting from last date of application.

The successful candidate is expected to be at ease collaborating with other scientists within a larger team. Documented experience of analyzing atherosclerosis in mice is expected.


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9 juli 2020