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First San Francisco is an investment company with a portfolio of 8 IT companies.

First San Francisco is an investment company with a portfolio of 8 IT companies. We have now made a new investment in a global cutting-edge company within a well-defined niche. We will transform its traditional business model to a SaaS model. The person we are now searching for will be the project leader in this transition project.

Who you are and what the job will mean

We are looking for you who have experience in leading teams who have built entire new web sites. What services and functionality shall be imbedded in the platform? What are the user journeys for each of these functions? What is the optimal user experience? How do you ensure a complete buy in from all steak-holders before the actual development begins?

At the Company you will have a group of people with some of the world’s cutting-edge knowledge within its field to your disposal. They will however not have the experience of providing their knowledge through a SaaS platform. Your ability to gather and structure this information and get buy in from this group will lay the foundation to the success of this project.

From there you will move on to lead the team during the development of the platform.

You know that the devil lies in the details. There are no short cuts to make sure that everything is thought through before the development begins and that everybody in the team stands behind you.

The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but you can work remote. You do need to be able to spend some time in Stockholm when the project begins to get to know everybody but after that it is no problem to lead the team remote. You need to be totally comfortable in English.

What we offer

The assignment is a clear project; create a minimum viable 1.0 SaaS platform that will enable the Company to move over to the new business model.

This 1.0 version will of course not be the end game but rather the beginning of the journey. The Company has a very strong RnD department that will be the engine to the future development of the platform. It is a natural role to continue to drive this RnD efforts in to the future functionalities provided in the platform.

You will join a team with world recognized knowledge within its field and be part in pointing this to the future.

See how you match this job

We would like you to apply for the job through our recruiting partner happyr’s on line service. Their platform is a unique tool, enabling us to match your skill sets to our needs in this extremely important job.

If you have questions about the job please contact Stefan Cars at .

We want to fill the position as soon as possible and appreciate that you apply immediately.



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