Senior Producer

Senior Producer


We are looking for a Senior Producer with a track record of shipping games and a deep understanding of both agile methodology and the core disciplines within development. In this role, you’ll work closely with Studio Leadership to guide and support the team through milestones with a hands-on approach. You will solve issues across all disciplines with a generalist expertise and a passion for understanding people and challenges. We are looking for a leader with drive and a clear communication style to be the guiding light and timekeeper, whilst practicing servant leadership to keep it, Indie.

In this role, you’ll be joining us at Ember Trail, a team of 14 developers to design, deliver and ship great games that put creativity in players' hands. We have fair compensation and a competitive bonus policy, regulated hours, support personal projects in a transparent way, and wellness benefits. We have a passion for making games more accessible, and we pay close mind to reduce everyone’s overall CO2 output.

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk!

We’re looking for someone who

- Has shipped at least three (3) games as a producer
- Is experienced with Agile and how to adapt without compromising fundamental practices
- Understands multiple disciplines to actively contribute and support Design, Art, Code, Animation etc
- Able to work in Uppsala, Sweden
- Wants to actively work with accessibility in games and be a champion for it
- Is solution-oriented and can remain calm and focused while supporting the team during stressful times
- Is self-motivated and takes charge to help get things done

Highly valued

- Experience in the indie scene
- Has strong soft skills and is good at communicating both with longer explanations and short and concise both face to face and online
- An eye for detail and good soft skills to handle tough conversations in a constructive manner.

Employment type: Permanent

Start date: 2022

The recruitment process is ongoing, and you are welcome to submit your application today!


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