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Within Ericsson Research, Research Area Radio Access Technology is responsible for providing advanced system and signal processing concepts and solutions, including antenna concepts and solutions, targeting standardization of radio access systems as well as implementation in network nodes and in user or machine terminals. As Researcher within the Radio Access Technology department, you will have responsibility to investigate, evaluate and propose improvements of radio access technologies used in existing standards such as LTE, WiFi, and other standards. You will also be part of the development of concepts and solutions for future radio access technologies and standards. Mastering physical layer techniques is key (multiple access technologies, modulation, channel coding, parameter estimation, multi-antenna transmitter and receiver algorithms, etc.). Using simulation tools as means of evaluation is natural part of the work. Understanding the interaction between link and system performance, to ensure that proposed access solutions are enabling efficient overall performance is also crucial. Furthermore, understanding hardware possibilities and limitations, based on today?s and tomorrow?s technologies is qualifying. Over time our staff will work with algorithm design, model and simulator tool development, simulations, concept design and standardization. A wide range of additional opportunities, such as testbed implementation and field performance tasks, exist as well. This approach enables each researcher to develop a truly broad competence and a holistic view.

For the available positions, we are looking for highly competent and driven researchers with competence and experience in signal processing, control theory, wireless communications, and communications hardware, such as antennas, power amplifiers, circuitry, and RF ASIC design. The positions require a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree, or similar, preferably with demonstrated experience and knowledge in the above mentioned required skills. Skill in structured object oriented programming, preferably both C++ and Matlab based, is also required, as computer simulations will be natural parts of the work, in addition to analytical evaluations. Good knowledge in simulation and evaluation tool methodology is desirable. The work will be performed in different project setups, where the results are typically targeting technology strategy, standardization or product development. Projects may also incorporate external research collaborations.

At a personal level, you have good communication and teamwork skills. You should be fluent in written and spoken English. You should enjoy working with people having diverse backgrounds and competences. You should also have the ability to handle theoretical and practical research as well as the development aspects of the work. It is important that you have strong personal drive and a strong focus on the tasks at hand.

Apply via link: https://performancemanager12.successfactors.eu/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=22385&company=Ericsson&username=&st=3298B82D23CDB03C60AB7926110591E992DCD7AE

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