Application Security Expert

Application Security Expert


Do you want to make a real impact for customers and fellow developers, enabling them to develop modern and secure applications? Based on our experience, we know how to do just that and to make a real difference by raising the level of application security and development processes among our customers. Now we’re expanding and are looking for more Application Security Experts to help our customers to level up!

About the Application Security Team

Truesec’s expert team has a strong drive to deliver top-notch solutions to our customers and help customers secure their applications. Our team works daily with developing and securing some of Sweden’s most critical security systems. You will work together with ambitious colleagues, who are at the forefront of application security. All of us have deep knowledge about security and development but all of us also have our specialist areas which forms our strong team.

You will be a part of an expert team that loves to share knowledge and where problem solving always has the main attention. In our flat organization, you will be able to make an impact on and affect what projects you work on. You will be able to impact our ways of working and help us continuously update and adapt our methodologies to new knowledge and to changes in the development world.

About the job

During a year at Truesec you will be able to meet a lot of companies and their development organizations. Some of them you might only see for a day and some for a longer time period, the important thing is that you’ll help them to develop secure systems! That could be by helping them form secure development processes or in more targeted assignments such as auditing their proposed or already developed systems, through workshops or educations, through code reviews or maybe you’re helping them with threat modelling. As you can understand, the needs and techniques could differ depending on the project which makes it important for us that you feel safe in your knowledge and skillset.

We generally work in pairs or more during our assignments for you to feel the safety and support of the team, but also because we want to create the most value for our customers. Staying up to date is important in our field, and to enable that we encourage continuous learning during work hours as well as conference visits and knowledge sharing with colleagues.

Who we are looking for

You have a broad knowledge within application security and have worked actively within the field during the last 5 years.


- DevSecOps

- Secure development

- Software architecture

- Programming skills in one or more languages, preferably within either Java, C#, Javascript or Go

As we meet a lot of different technologies, we would be really happy if you have skills in some of the following

- Kubernetes

- AWS, Azure or GCP

- OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect

- Threat modeling and security assessments of code

- Distributed systems / Authentication / Penetration testing

- SAST/DAST-tools

- Vulnerability management

- Secure usage of cryptography

Our recruitment process

We try to have smooth process during which you’ll get to meet with our CEO, at least a few of your colleagues but also a test to look into your technical skillset. We always do background checks of all candidates as we work with high safety rated projects.

Do you want to make a difference?

The role as Application Security Expert can be based out of our Stockholm, Malmö or Karlskrona offices, but we accept and encourage applications from all parts of Sweden (remote work can be accommodated to a large extent). Truesec´s expert team has a strong drive to deliver top-notch solutions to our customers. You will work together with ambitious colleagues, who are at the forefront of application security. Through our shared passion and expertise, we influence and make an impact on the development in the IT sector. Both on a regional and international level. An important mission, that we are extremely proud of!

We look forward to receiving your application!


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