Commercial Contract Manager


Ensures adequate awareness of legal requirements within the relevant NSN functions, and compliance with relevant legislation & regulations. Preparing and negotiating agreements, and other documents according to the business needs. Act as an experienced and competent contributor to a legal analysis.

In this role the candidate needs to act as the single point of contact for all contractual matters in the pre-sales process including the back2back ensurance towards our Subcontractors.

Seeing the importance of contract drafting, discussions, changes and negotiation skills, experiences in this field are an essential qualification.

Law degree from a common law jurisdiction or English or other common law education with a good understanding of contract law would be preferable.

- Facilitate and support the contract negotiations, driving the contract drafting and keeping accurate records and managing the trade-off list.
- Safeguard the application of existing terms in frame agreements to related deals.
- Ensure congruence between what is sold in the customer and in the sub-contractor contracts.
- Facilitate contractual risk management and manage the contractual risk exposure.
- Create involvement and information exchange to allow suitable e2e contract alignment.
- Provide previous implementation experience to acquisition/procurement team.
- Ensure clear understanding of contractual rights/obligations/timelines/risk before signing and transparent communcitaion to teh stakeholders.
- Support the development of a contracts database, contract guidance and templates.
- Support contract hand-over process to Delivery teams





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