Continuous Integration Engineer

Continuous Integration Engineer


Be the magician of engineering enablers!

Imagine you have a 4 meter high black beast of a truck in front of you, a Volvo FH loaded with over 100 tons of gods. There is no driver in the cab, the truck will drive autonomously to its destination. It has driven down that track before and knows the way.
During the assignment an emergency brake is triggered but the logs shows that this hard of a brake wasn’t necessary. No harm done but the development team have a quick code update that they think will prevent this from happening again. 
How fast can we with confidence deploy this to the vehicle?
So who are we?

We are the Integration and Simulations Group, a part of Electrical and Software Architecture at Volvo Group Trucks Technology in Gothenburg!
We have the goal ensure that we have the structure, framework and knowledge to build and verify the EE system, from single component up to full system. This by creating the development pipelines for our embedded code, simulations and test structures that enables continuous integration and delivery.
Why do we do that?

Our vision is to be the most desired and successful transport solution provider in the world. To get there we need to understand technology we not used before, build solutions that never been build. We need to work with the mentality that we develop to learn, learn to reach further than our goals.
We see that the most important key to this learning is automation of everything and it’s in this that you’re going to help us!
To reach this we strongly believe in self-organizing teams where the prioritization and technical solutions are set by the once having the most competence in the area.
The mission!

Software development it’s all about testing and instant feedback. In this we have a set of tools and tool chains to enable this on unit level, full system and everything in between.
Your mission together with the team is to design, develop and maintain our continuous integration toolchain to match the need of developers and testers. It’s big scope with always new challenges and technologies waiting a head.
So who are you?
You consider endless of time on various online forums to find technical solutions is much more satisfying than buying a finalized product.
Theories of agile, DevOps and test driven development comes natural for you, most important is to put it in to action.
You think that things like Jenkins, Gradle, Docker, Cloud and similar are pretty cool stuff to work with.
Regardless if you consider yourself a 1337 h4x0r or not, you hope to find the workplace to help you excel.
If you have previous experience of embedded software development within automotive it will most likely come in handy. But the requirement is that you at least once have seen a Volvo Truck

Welcome to join our world full of possibilities!
Further information
Tobias Falkman, Manager at Build, Measure & Learn Technology, +46 313237177



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