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Do you want to work for one of the hottest startups ( in one of Europe's startup capitals (Stockholm)? You've found the right place.

Called the capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm is a great place to live. People are friendly, beautiful and eager to try the next big thing. Currently, we think that's Wrapp, the latest addition to our city's long list of startups, and Skype-founder Niklas Zennström's first investment in his native Sweden.

At Wrapp we love giving gifts and want to make the act of giving as easy as it is to send a greeting on Facebook. Working for Wrapp means working with an amazing team of engineers that have previously helped building companies including Spotify, Rebtel, Stardoll, Groupon, SoundCloud, Jaycut, Bambuser, Ocean Observations and Epidemic Sound /add to list/. Though that's a long list, we're still a small team: only seven people on the tech and product side of the company. That means you will have a big impact on the future direction of things at Wrapp.

Wrapp strives to provide an ever better user experience as well as return on investment for our retail partners. Actually we believe they go hand in hand. To do this we need to understand user behavior, A/B test new features and provide useful reports internally and externally.

We are now looking to expand our technical team with a hands-on data analyst/scientist. You will be both analyzing the data and building the systems to collect, store, slice and dice the data in tight co-operation with our back- and frontend teams.

You likely have a computer science or physics degree, a deep understanding of statistics - an area too frequently missed by software engineers - and an insatiable curiosity. You should also be able to clearly communicate your findings in English as well as using charts, diagrams and numbers.

Experience with web analytics software, SQL databases, Hadoop and Hive, R and Python scripting will certainly help.

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