Doctoral student in Computer Science

Doctoral student in Computer Science


Örebro University is currently offering research study opportunities in the doctoral program in Computer Science. For the successful candidate, the programme will conclude with the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. The start date is in the second half of 2021.

The offered position is part of a newly started machine learning effort at Örebro University and is focused on fundamental research around continual learning and learning with dataset shift. Candidates can decide between two different directions.

Direction 1 targets continual learning for dataset shift with data efficient and interpretable models and algorithms, such as methods for learning, updating, and forgetting for domains where data is either incrementally available or changes over time (e.g. models of system dynamics, robotic mapping, reinforcement learning, or environmental data). Prior knowledge, experience, and interest in probabilistic machine learning, statistical learning, and Gaussian Processes are advantageous for this direction.

Direction 2 targets reinforcement learning with continual adaptation and dataset shift including, but not limited to, meta and transfer learning methods to enable reinforcement learning in real-world settings and allow for faster learning and adaptation in the target environment. Prior knowledge, experience, and interest in reinforcement learning in continuous spaces, probabilistic machine learning, and deep learning are advantageous for this direction.

For both directions, the candidate should possess and demonstrate:

- Motivation to obtain a doctoral degree and to undertake research on an international level

- A strong background in computer science, mathematics, machine learning, or robotics

- Excellent programming skills

- Excellent communication skills in English

- Prior research experience in the areas of machine learning or robotics

- Strong and independent problem solving and critical analytical abilities

The doctoral student will be hosted at the AMM lab ( which is part of the AASS research center ( The AMM lab is a growing research environment currently with six doctoral students and four senior researchers and AASS is a strong research environment, internationally known for its expertise within artificial intelligence and robotics.

The position is funded through the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems, and Software Program (WASP, and is not tied to a particular research project. It therefore provides a large degree of freedom to the doctoral student. Research in this project will be performed in close collaboration with doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in the same research environment, as well as external collaborators.

• Women and people of underrepresented minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.  The top-ranked candidates will be invited to an interview. 

Online information
Information on admission to the programme, application form, the general syllabus for the subject, the Regulations Handbook, and other information can be found on Örebro University’s webpage for research student information: You can find information about ”How to apply for admission to doctoral studies” below.

For more information please contact Johannes A. Stork (AMM lab), +46 19 30 39 40, e-mail:, Franziska Klügl (Head of Subject), +46 19 30 39 25 e-mail:, Lars Karlsson (Head of Unit), +46 19 30 33 55, e-mail:, or Peter Johansson (Head of School), +46 19 30 32 75, e-mail: for administrative questions.

Örebro University actively pursues an equal work environment and values the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.

The programme
The successful candidate is offered a place on the research study programme concluding with the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science . The programme consists of 240 credits, which corresponds to four years of full-time study and includes at least 52 credits of coursework . Extensions to the study period are granted for instance to compensate for any sick leave and parental leave.

Information on programme content and organisation can be found in the general syllabus for the subject.

Doctoral studentships
The position is offered as a full-time doctoral studentship for the duration of the study programme. Duties such as teaching, administration and research other than the student’s own thesis project may be included, however with no more than 20 per cent of a full-time post. To compensate for time spent on such duties, extensions to the programme length and funding period will be granted. More information on doctoral studentships, part-time studies and part-time doctoral studentships can be found in the Regulations Handbook. The initial salary for a doctoral studentship is 28.100 SEK per month.

Entry requirements, selection and application
See the full ad on our website.

The application is made online. Click the button “Apply” to begin the application procedure.

The application deadline is 2021-07-01. We look forward to receiving your application!

We decline any contact with advertisers or recruitment agencies in the recruitment process.


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