Elcykelförare / Cargo bike rider

Elcykelförare / Cargo bike rider


MoveByBike is looking for new talents to join our team of dedicated riders in both Stockholm and Malmö.
As a cyclist at MoveByBike Malmö, your job will be cycling with our advanced E-bikes to deliver and pick up various types of cargo. To do the job, you will have access to our garage with a wide array of different types of bikes and equipment.
We operate between 8:00 through until 23:00 all weekdays and weekends.
Flexible working hours available. We do require all riders to work some evenings per week as well as the weekend.
Swedish is not a requirement, however you must be proficient in spoken as well as written English. Feel free to apply in either English or Swedish.
Having experience as a bike mechanic is a merit, as well as having a driving license, but neither is a requirement.
If you have worked in logistics or distribution industry, don't be shy, let us know.
Are you really good at finding your way around the city? We'd love to know about that too!
We want you to join us with a long term employment in mind.
Why work with us?
Good for the planet, and the city
Our work benefits the environment by reducing emissions from trucks that would otherwise drive around in the city. And our vehicles are silent, safe and small - they do not contribute to traffic jams, noise pollution or traffic violence. If you join us, this will be your work too!
A team of professionals
Workwear to keep you warm and dry. Advanced E-bikes to get you where you are going. A great team to keep you in the loop and help you out. We pride ourselves in being good at what we do, you will join a team of professionals!
Good benefits
We provide a variety of insurance and benefits to all our employees. And if you are over 25, you also get additional pension payments. Google "FORA Privatanställd Arbetare" to read more.
The smiles
People love what we do! You'll get smiles from total strangers, candy from customers and questions for people curious about our work and bikes. All in a days ride!
Great colleagues
MoveByBike is a friendly and fun workplace where you will meet many new friends and colleagues. We are here to support and help each other in out daily work. A team of traffic controllers will be there for you when riding your e-bike.
We'd love to hear from you!


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