Environment Artist - Games

Environment Artist - Games


Environment Artists create the physical space where the players experience the game. The role is extremely versatile and a wide range of techniques and experiences are required. Due to the versatile and cross-disciplinary nature, they need to work extremely close with other crafts and have great communication and collaboration skills.

At Embark we are constantly evolving our tools and workflows with the ambition of eliminating tedious and manual input. This in turn means the role of an Environment Artist constantly changes, with the Artist having to adapt to new tools, workflows, and mindset, as many traditional tasks move towards proceduralism and automation. As an Environment Artist at Embark we value multiple years of previous experience within game development, with a deep understanding of modelling, texturing, shaders, lighting and photogrammetry. Knowledge and interest within traditional arts, architecture, colour theory, geography, geology, and other relevant fields is also highly valued.

Example of responsibilities

- Props placement, terrain sculpting, and creation of natural biome content
- 3D modelling, texturing and shader work
- Create moodboard and collect reference material to reach the direction presented by directors
- Work with photogrammetry and attend photogrammetry reference trips
- Play the game, participate in playtests and provide feedback
- Create plans for content production and workflows
- Work with and review content from relevant external partners

We would love if you have

- Excellent visual skillset and deep artistic understanding and knowledge

- A portfolio that showcases realistic game art
- Great understanding of the technical aspects of the game, memory and performance
- Follow directions and deliver to quality from a visual, gameplay and technical perspective
- Great communication and collaboration skills
- Great understanding of the the gameplay experience of the game
- Ability to deliver according to agreed time and budget constraints
- Estimate tasks and time, update plans, and deliver content to quality according to directions
- Be a role model, culture carrier and spokesperson for Embark

At Embark we offer competitive salaries, passionate colleagues to share knowledge with and much more, but most of all we invite you to take part of a journey into the unknown, to build creative, surprising and beautiful experiences together.

We welcome game makers of all sex, class, colour, age, gender identity, education, religion, opinion, culture, nation of origin, language, sexual orientation, shape, size, and ability.

Did we leave anyone out? Well, we welcome you, too! We think that the gaming industry is made better when everyone has a seat at the table.

Be yourself at Embark and make games while doing so. Please apply with confidence. We can’t wait to hear from you (in English)!

If this role doesn't quite match what you're looking for, feel free to apply to us via our " Open Application. (https://www.embark-studios.com/jobs/278181-game-maker-open-application)"


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