Expert in high performance computing and advanced biophysics computation


Zero Cycles AB aids biomedical companies streamline their research by providing computational expertise combined with know-how from theoretical biophysics.
Right now we are looking for a candidate that can help us grow and recruit a broad customer base.
Therefore, we are looking for a person that has both technical insight and the capability to convey our mission clearly to customers as well as a team of developers.
You have some experience in leading a small team of software developers, while being able to do the ground work yourself
You are well versed in programming molecular dynamics simulation software
You know computational biophysics methods, such as Free Energy Pertubation calculations
You are able to write, analyse and deploy highly-parallel and fast software in modern C++20
You know how to use accelerators (CUDA / SYCL / HIP)
You know how to handle large amounts of data in a secure and efficient way in complex server architectures
You know how to deploy software via Docker
Beyond fluent English skills, you easily navigate the legal terms surrounding B2B negotiations within the EU/GB. Swedish skills are a merit, but not required

You will be required to work from home most of the time, but as you will become a key player in our enterprise and business contacts we will frequently ask you to travel.
Please don't hesitate to apply if you like the efficiency of a start-up without the noise.
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  • Publicerat: 22 september 2023
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