junior embedded developer and systems engineer to teenage engineering


teenage engineering develops highly acclaimed products for people who love sound, music and design. we are now looking for a junior embedded developer and systems engineer to join our development team.

who are you?

you are an ambitious person with a strong passion for programming and hardware. you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (or similar) and you are ready to embark on your career together with us.

role and responsibilities

you will be a part of our software team, involved from start to finish in product development projects.

tasks may include:

- programming, maintaining and debugging device drivers such as serial data transfer interfaces, usb host / device , filesystem backends and more
- creating stable asynchronous workflows to maximise performance, data throughput and responsiveness of system while keeping structures simple and maintainable.
- perform power rail and rf measurements with ability correlate results with application code in the target.
- board bring-up
- learning, implementing, debugging and developing existing and new standards or protocols together with the team.
- test, debug and document
- system environments include barebone and rtos running on single core, multicore, or multiple cpus.

we will offer you mentorship and the chance to become an excellent programmer and developer.


- good knowledge of c / c++ and experience of other languages.
- understanding of embedded systems
- understanding of real-time systems
- basic understanding of analog and digital electronic circuits
- interest in learning and developing new skills
- ability to take on tasks from bottoms-up and top-down perspective
- strong analytical and problem solving abilities


experience in encryption and security

our hq in stockholm, sweden

about the company

teenage engineering was founded in 2007. our first product was the OP-1, a portable all-in-one synthesizer used by world famous artists, sound designers and dj's.

other products range from the OD-11, a high-end wireless stereo loudspeaker, the ultra portable and ultra low cost pocket operators, the new op-z, multimedia synthesizer and sequencer workhorse.

our hq is located in stockholm, sweden. here a multidisciplinary team of software / electrical / mechanical engineers and industrial / textile /lifestyle designers are developing our products from start to finish. the studio is fully equipped workshop with state of the art rapid prototyping machines.

we believe in culture, people, technology, discipline, curiosity and humour. we have a collective agreement “tekniktjänsteavtalet unionen/sveriges ingenjörer” and offer benefits such as wellness benefit and flexible work hours.


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