Master thesis: CFD on carbon free ammonia

Master thesis: CFD on carbon free ammonia


Master thesis: CFD on carbon free combustion

A Snapshot of Your Day

As the world strives to decarbonize the electricity sector, there is a growing demand for large scale energy storage. Being able to store and transport large quantities of energy is critical both to energy security as well as to handle fluctuating renewable power sources. Weaning of dependence on fossil fuels also broadens the supply choices, as renewable energy can be generated at any location where either solar or wind power is suitable.

A promising transport and storage vector is ammonia, as it liquefies at a reasonably low temperature, -33°C, at atmospheric pressure. The challenge in using ammonia as an energy storage lies in the difficulty in burning it cleanly and safely in power plants. Burning ammonia in state-of-the-art combustion systems, typically result in large amounts of nitrogen oxides, NOx, nitrous oxides, N2O, and potentially ammonia itself. However, recent research on this topic shows that there are strategies that appears promising. In this master thesis, we would like to use high fidelity computational fluid dynamics calculations, large eddy simulations, combined with finite rate chemistry modelling of the combustion process. The purpose is to find concepts that would work in a practical setting, given the operating conditions of a gas turbine.

How You’ll Make an Impact

* Exploring novel combustion concepts on an early concept.
* Deploy high fidelity CFD in a practical design process.

What You Bring 
* Curious mind, eager to be a part of the energy transition
* Scientific skills in the area of fluid flow and combustion

About the Team

Within the R&D department we have specialists with a profound knowledge about combustion, both from a theoretical viewpoint, but also from practical design of industrial hardware. You will be part of this environment. We also work closely with world leading university partners on the topic of ammonia combustion.

Our Gas Services division offers Low-emission power generation through service and decarbonization. Zero or low emission power generation and all gas turbines under one roof, steam turbines and generators. Decarbonization opportunities through service offerings, modernization, and digitalization of the fleet.

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Our global team is committed to making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy a reality by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We uphold a 150-year legacy of innovation that encourages our search for people who will support our focus on decarbonization, new technologies, and energy transformation.

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Don’t hesitate – apply via id nr 250844 not later than 2023-11-12.

Ongoing selection is applied, the role might be filled before last application date.

For questions about the role, please contact the recruiting manager Ulf Rådeklint on or tel. +46 12281322


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