Master Thesis: External Heat transfer

Master Thesis: External Heat transfer


Master Thesis: External Heat transfer

A Snapshot of Your Day

To determine the thermal state of a turbine component in a gas turbine, typically a vane or a blade, calculation of the external or gas side boundary condition is needed. This includes prediction of local heat transfer coefficient (hereby noted as HTC) and gas temperature distributions, including for example hot streaks which can have a highly local effect on a component. Furthermore, in the high-speed compressible flow of a gas turbine the recovery effect in the boundary layer must be considered in the calculations.

Several factors influence the boundary layer on the external surfaces in the turbine hot gas path and hence the external HTCs. Examples of such factors are turbulence intensity, turbulence length scale, surface roughness, transition from laminar to turbulent flow, curvature, pressure distribution and Mach number distribution as well as cooling features. This makes it a highly challenging task to calculate the proper HTC distribution and thereby the metal temperature of the component.

How You’ll Make an Impact

* You will study literature to find optimal ways of working with turbine airfoil HTC predictions and /or gas temperature (such as modeling the hot streaks from a stationary vane to a rotating blade).
* You will perform numerical simulations using commercial CFD software to calculate thermal boundary conditions for blades and vanes.
* The target is to validate methodology for boundary condition prediction based on freely available experimental benchmark HTC data from university test rigs, but also from inhouse engine experience and tests.


What You Bring 
* Knowledge at MSc level with focus in mechanical engineering and flow physics.
* Good knowledge about heat transfer, boundary layer theory and CFD.
* Is structured and can communicate well.
* Can find own ways and solutions to challenges and problems.

About the Team

We are a group with 16 persons who are responsible for Aerodynamics, Heat transfer and Secondary air system in the turbine. We do R&D work in new development and upgrade projects, support customers, workshop and sales, solve field issues and develop tools and technologies within our area of responsibility.

In our Industrial Applications division, we offer comprehensive digital portfolio solutions in the oil and gas sector and other process industries comprising rotating equipment, electrification and solutions for Subsea business. Our customers are supported with sustainable and mission-critical products, solutions, and services.

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Don’t hesitate – apply via, id nr 237467 not later than October 30th.

For questions about the role, please contact the recruiting manager Fredrik Borén on or tel. +46 12282396.


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