Open Source Engineer

Open Source Engineer


At Embark, we love the openness and collaborative nature of the quickly growing ecosystem and community around Rust, including its tens of thousands of open source crates. We're committed to supporting a thriving open source ecosystem for game development in Rust.

As an Open Source Engineer at Embark, you will work with our community and engineering teams on open source. You'll help maintain and develop our open source presence, and be a key link between Embark and the greater software ecosystem.

Example of responsibilities are

- Design and implement new features for our open source projects
- Encourage and mentor external contributors
- Prioritize feature requests for projects we sponsor
- Participate in community forums and discussions for the greater Rust community
- Advocate for improvements to the Rust and WebAssembly ecosystems

It would be awesome if you have

- A creative and curious mind
- Excellent English communication skills, and a friendly & welcoming writing style
- Written code in Rust, or you're very keen to learn
- Experience maintaining, managing, and/or contributing to open source projects
- Managed or collaborated with distributed teams of contributors
- Professional English communication skills.

It would be even more awesome if you also have

- Organised meetups, user groups, or conferences
- Previously worked in developer relations, developer advocacy, developer experience, or a similar field

This role is based in Stockholm, but we are open to discussing the possibility of remote work as well.

In your application, please include links to any communities you're involved in, open source projects you've worked on, and anything else you think is relevant to the position.

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