Product Analyst

Product Analyst


Tink is building a world of financial happiness. Our technology is enabling some of Europe’s biggest banks, fintech unicorns and startups to embrace the new open banking world - and deliver the future of financial products to millions of people.

How you'll challenge an industry:
As more and more customers and developers on board with Tink, it is our job to ensure their experience is awesome. We believe that “That which is measured, improves” and in the world of modern data science and analytics, the measurement itself is a fundamental part of the improvement process. We’re in the midst of building a world-class data platform and analytics team, used to fuel our product development with reporting, insights and testing frameworks. Joining Tink as a product analyst now means you’ll be a part of both building and shaping the future of insight work, at a leading fintech player.

What we look for:
We’re looking for a current or future leader, who will drive Tink to be at the forefront when it comes to data-informed, and driven, decision making. We look for that “we’re in this together” attitude, and an ambition to get your hands dirty and do things right, to balance the short-term and setting us up for the future.

With that, we think you’ve spent the past few years learning the tools of analytics and business intelligence and have honed your soft skills working with, and influencing, stakeholders and business leaders. You’ve probably worked in a product-oriented company, ideally in the financial sector, but hey - if you haven't, you can learn.

You’ll work with pretty much every function at Tink, to bring an understanding of how our products are performing, what we do well, and what we can do better. You will get great help from our Data Engineering team, building a modern platform for data collection, transformations, and pipelines.

We’ll always be split between instrumenting data, automating reporting and driving analytics projects, deep-diving some aspect of our product.

In the short term, a lot of focus is on Product Managers and engineering squads to make sure we collect high-quality fundamental data. It also includes making basic metrics from that data accessible to those same stakeholders. Be it either through dashboards, or empowering people to query themselves.

In the medium and longer-term, a significant share of reporting is automated and focus shifts more towards understanding what drives performance, deep-dive problems and opportunities, and develop our capabilities for staged roll-outs, A/B-testing, and data-driven design.

Qualifications / Experiences
- A few years of experience in a similar role, perhaps you picked up the skills in a different area or over a different timeframe - let’s talk!
- Driving Analytics projects and Initiatives from inception to delivery.
- Hands-on work with SQL, metrics reporting and building dashboards/business-intelligence.
- Hands-on work with analytical & statistical methods, e.g. hypothesis testing, AB-tests, regression modeling and similar.
- Scripting experience in R or Python’s data libraries (or Julia or Matlab or SPSS or something else).

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information or questions you might have.
We're looking forward to your application!

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