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Not all heroes wear capes

Most would agree that universities and colleges are quintessential to a well-functioning society. However, with their inherent operational complexity and large sizes, they are among the most difficult organizations to run efficiently. This is what TimeEdit has set out to rectify. We are on a mission to deliver the most comprehensive suite of resource management tools for the higher education sector. We are currently the fastest growing provider in the industry and are expanding our organization at a rapid pace.

With the market transitioning away from legacy monolites, Excel spreadsheets and home-grown has-beens, the TimeEdit Engineering team plays a pivotal role in defining the next generation of RMS tools for universities across the globe. To accelerate our growth journey, we are looking for another set of capable hands to join our Platform team and help develop the infrastructure and delivery platform of tomorrow.

About the role:

As our new Product Manager you will be responsible for:

- Monitor the market insights with the help of our Customer Success team or directly with our clients to identify the futures needs of the industry
- Analyze these insights and create crystal-clear requirements and product roadmaps
- With the rest of the Product management team help TimeEdit in transforming our company vision, strategy, goals and ideas into tangible development tasks.

Other responsibilities and day-to-day tasks...

As our new Product Manager you will create and flourish a beautiful cooperation with one of our Engineering Managers to create the best possible product. Together you will guide the development team in the future of our products, where you are responsible for “what” should be developed and the Engineering Manager will be responsible for “how” you will develop it.

Who are you?

We believe you are experienced in the Product Management field and have worked as a Product Manager for 3+ years, or maybe you’re just an awesome former Product Owner that has mantled the cape of Product Manager for 1+ years? You are an expert in JIRA and have prior experience of coordinating the backlog with a Scrum Master/Tech Lead etc..

We believe you are an individual who can contribute with your own ideas and challenge our way of thinking. We believe that you enjoy “blank canvas” problem solving, and consider yourself a self-starter. We are a company with high ambitions, and we believe that you have them too. That said, we simultaneously believe you have strong ethics, and practice value-based leadership.


If this is you, go ahead and apply! We’re eager to get to know you, and kick-off this journey together. Due to vacations, we will start processing your application in the middle of August. Have a great summer!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Daniel at

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17 september 2021

Lärare/utbildare inom IT-Projektledning

Lärare/utbildare inom IT-Projektledning

17 september 2021

17 september 2021