Quality Engineer, Relay


Quality Engineer, Relay
At Nets, you’ll develop in a fast-growing tech company in a high-paced, high-impact market. Working to change the future of payments, it’s not just skills and motivation that gets the job done, it’s the full package that makes the difference. Together, we impact the lives of everyone around us by powering an easier tomorrow for every citizen, bank, business and colleague.
We are looking for Quality Engineers to join the Relay team, a newly formed group at Nets with the goal to be the central payment processing connector for the entirety of Nets and third-party PSPs. The team consists mainly of payment developers from a variety of backgrounds who are primarily “hands on keyboard” working on Azure Cloud, and whose primary product is a set of robust RESTful APIs. The team has a digital-first approach (even post pandemic), a modern, green field tech stack built on Azure.
Job Description
Quality Engineers at Relay are experts in quality approaches, automation, test architecture, test tooling, Continuous Integration, and most importantly, mentorship. They are “Test Engineers” who have evolved their skills to support teams in every way needed to build quality, not just testing.
QEs are federated to teams, where they provide hands-on support in the implementation of quality approaches, tools and automation until the team can take care of it by themselves. This may take several weeks or several months, depending on the maturity of the team, but the goal will always be for QEs to be where they’re more needed. Impact is therefore the main KPI for QEs, and what will guide their priorities, i.e., making teams self-sufficient in building quality rather than testing or automating tests themselves.
To achieve that, they will pair with Developers and Product Managers, showing them, by example, how to:
Create the right test cases out of the requirements: functional happy paths, functional failure paths, performance, security, usability, accessibility, etc. as required.
Understand which test cases should be automated and which should be left for quick, manual validations.
Define at which level tests should be automated: Unit, Component, Integration, System or Acceptance (or perhaps “very fast”, “fast”, “slow” and “very slow”).
Automate tests efficiently, in a scalable and maintainable way, and with optimal compromise between speed and amount of feedback.
Use existing test frameworks in the most efficient way and create tools and libraries that create an optimal developer experience in the area of testing. This includes making automated tests in CI pipelines reliable and providing optimal feedback in the least amount of time.

Your professional skills and experience form most of your qualifications, but it’s also your personality that makes the difference at Nets. You are self-managed, proactive, humble in your expert knowledge, and with great communication and mentorship skills.
Your qualifications include:
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience.
Expertise in test methodologies and approaches, creating test cases and debugging. Great analytical skills are a must.
You have previous experience with supporting teams in improving the quality they build, with a data-driven mindset backed up by the usage of metrics, reports and dashboards.
Expertise in testing and automation in either .Net, Java or both is necessary. You will be required to create test frameworks and libraries in either of these languages from scratch, with a very high level of code quality and test architecture. You also are used to create such tools for others to use.
The Relay team works mostly creating RESTful API backends, so you are an expert in testing APIs and the tools around it. For example, RestAssured, Pact (contract testing), etc.
Experience in Scala or JS and in Performance and Security testing
Deep understanding of Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines, and how to make test automation reliable and efficient in them. We currently use Azure DevOps and Bamboo
Good understanding of cloud providers such as AWS or Azure Cloud and use of Kubernetes and Docker

What´s in for you?
Relay is a hub for innovation and green field work at Nets. We are a meritocracy where the best ideas win, people are given a chance to try new things and fail on their way to success.
Culture - You'll work with a diverse crowd of people from 20 different countries based in our offices around Europe and your home office.
Operational independence - We are the tip of the spear for innovation at Nets and you will have high visibility and high impact here at Nets.
Education - We are an environment where we emphasize knowledge sharing, education, conferences and internal technical talks.
Wide reach - Nets has targets for what it wants to achieve in the next 5 years. To get there we will provide opportunities for travel across Europe to other Net's offices in Stockholm, Berlin, Milan, Oslo and more.


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