R&D Master Thesis

R&D Master Thesis


Is it time to start thinking about your Master Thesis? We would love to introduce you to our business and to be the place where you contribute with your knowledge! You can find examples of projects we offer below. If you already have your own idea of a project, we are open to discuss that as well!

Air pressure-based intrusion sensor

Today, magnet sensors are commonly used to detect opening of windows and doors. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the use of indoor air pressure as an indicator of a door- or window opening. Benefits would be that one central sensor could detect opening of any window in the house. How reliable is this method when outside pressure varies, such as in windy weather? How well does it work when a window is already (intentionally) opened? How well does this technology handle various types of house ventilation? The thesis should also include building prototypes and making a proof-of-concept. 

Drone camera

Covering a whole house with video cameras is expensive. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the use of flying drones, patrolling the premises and confirming burglary, fire or another emergency by filming the event. When such events are confirmed, the monitoring station can alert the police or fire brigade, which they are not allowed to with unconfirmed events. The thesis can include investigating suitable on-board technologies (i.e. video camera, IR camera, speaker, motion detector, collision avoidance, indoor navigation, automatic charging) as well as making a demonstrator utilizing some of these technologies. The thesis will be performed with support from Crazyflie, a Malmö company developing drones and indoor location technologies.

PIR optics

Verisure has extremely high requirements when it comes to quality in all parts of the alarm chain. Our motion detectors are top shelf products and we have very stringent requirements on detection. In order to further improve the quality, we are looking for one or two students interested in doing a master or bachelor thesis investigating concept and optimization of Fresnel lens dimensioning.

Mechanical pre-test shock equipment

Several mechanical tests have to be performed during and after development of our products. Some mechanical tests are very crucial to pass since the product needs to be certified as an alarm product. The tests are performed by an independent certification company. One of many tests is a shock test. The product will be tested in a very high acceleration for a short time (pulse). The shock test is performed on a vibrator machine at the certification company, after the first production of the product is made. We would like to develop a similar but much easier mechanical test equipment that will be used early in the project for pre-test of shock. For example to be able to use 3D printed plastic assembled in our lab to test on and to verify that we will pass the real test, that will be performed later in the project, would be valuable information for us. We are looking for one or two mechanical masters students who are interested in doing their thesis by developing this pre shock machine.  The work contains for example, mechanical design and development 3D/2D cad, FEM calculation to verify the idea works and producing the equipment.

Optical door sensor

Currently, alarm industry door sensors are commonly based on proximity detection of a magnet using a reed switch. This technology is reliable, low-cost and low-power, but has the disadvantage of requiring two parts - sensor and magnet. The goal is to investigate the physical properties of a single-part optical door sensor, using pulsed light and a light sensor to detect presence of the door. How would such a device look physically, to work with different kind of door- and window assemblies? How does this technology work with different types of door surfaces in varying light conditions? How can this technology be implemented without compromising the 5-10 year battery lifetime? 

Intrusion detection based on audio analysis

As a complement to other sensors, analyzing the background audio could be a part of a home alarm system. For instance, if a two story house has the bottom floor secured using magnet contacts and motion detectors, the top floor could potentially be secured for a low cost just by listening for foreign sounds. Tasks can include investigation of the typical sound landscape of armed and empty houses as well as typical sounds of intrusions, and development of methods to automatically detect an intrusion based on this. How can normal household sounds be differentiated from sounds of an intrusion? Can typical human sounds (breathing, footsteps) be identified as an indicator of an intruder? What existing algorithms or technologies can be utilized for such analysis? 


With the car industry driving the development of low cost, high performance radar devices in the 60GHz band there is an opportunity to convert the same technology to the 50GHz ISM bands. We are looking for driven students interested in doing their thesis researching the capabilities and limitations in radar as a means for indoor or outdoor motion detection. A successful thesis would summarize trade offs between for instance processing requirements, resolution, current consumption and cost.

Did this catch your interest? Send in your application today. It would be great if you include your resume and a cover letter stating your passion and interests.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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