Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative


We are looking for the next Sales Development Representative to join our rapidly expanding sales team ( From facilitating initial conversations to developing team-wide best practices, you will be an integral member of our sales organization. Join our journey towards becoming the next Unicorn!

What You Will Do

As a Funnel SDR, you are the first human to interact with potential Funnel customers. You get to create that first unforgettable impression by creating excitement about Funnel. You understand their pains and needs and whether Funnel would be a good fit for them. You quickly identify what customers care about based on their industry, role and personality type. You adapt your communication to their situation and expectations, you put a healthy amount of tension into the conversation and if the fit is right, you get them excited about talking to an Account Executive.

You are responsible for converting inbound leads into Sales Qualified Leads, and booking discovery calls with Account Executives. Some leads are hot, some leads need nurturing and following up over the course of weeks or months. You understand which leads should be prioritized, which ones should be politely turned down and how to always leave them with a good impression of Funnel.

The role is mostly focused on inbound leads but also entails outbound activities such as cold outbound, or outreach to new contacts within inbound companies.

Who You Are


- Preferably 2+ years of relevant experience in a sales organization
- B2B sales experience (previous SDR work experience is a plus!).
- A university degree is a bonus but not mandatory.
- Fluency in English, Fluency in German and/or French is a huge plus.

Personality competencies:

- Team player - you have a “we before me” mentality with a focus on teamwork and humbleness.
- Challenger - you can walk the line between being easy to buy from and sometimes using constructive tension to challenge your prospects. Uncomfortable conversations do not faze you.
- Analytical ability and strategic thinking - you quickly understand the customers’ pain points and see the best long-term solution rather than quick fixes.
- People skills - you are adaptable and can talk to people in various roles and personalities.
- Intrinsic motivation - you get satisfaction from personal growth / learning / receiving feedback / helping others or being a part of something greater, rather than only external factors such as recognition and money.
- Curious - you want to know what you do not and understand more about what you already know.

Is this you? It would make us really happy if you applied. Due to summer vacations, the recruitment process might take longer than usual, but we are doing our best to keep you updated on the process.

About Funnel

Funnel is a fast-growing tech company within digital marketing, working to help marketers understand how their marketing initiatives relate to their business results. Funnel is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that helps you to get the very most from your data. Our customers range from big e-commerce companies to advertising agencies and consumer brands. Since the product launch in 2015, we have set up offices in Stockholm and Boston, and grown to service thousands of marketers all over the world, with the US as the largest market.



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