Senior expert for SW release & license mngnt.


Responsibilities: 1) Help to search for best practice focus on software release and license management in telecom industry; 2) Help to identify the gap between us and benchmark, and develop the strategy and rule on corporate level to guide the general and long-term software release and license management based on our current situation, and make implementation roadmap; 3) Help to establish long-term E2E solution for software release and license management which include requirement, plan, development, delivery and maintenance in product life-cycle; 4) Help to guide us to finish pilot for software release and license on the aspect of roles, process checkpoint and IT systems step by step according to implementation roadmap. Qualifications Required: 1) More than 10 years experience in telecom industry?with more than 5 years experience in product management or more than 5 years experience in software system design and license enforcement mechanism. 2) Familiar with the E2E processes of the product management from concept phase to phase out. With successful experiences to support software release and license management in telecom industry based on the effective plan, design, and delivery; 3) Familiar with software system design and architecture in telecom area, with good understanding for the license design principle and mechanism; Familiar with product package, feature and function design, software delivery and maintenance, deeply understand how to make implementation based on roles, processes and IT systems; 4) With very deep understanding for the telecom license model:for example, perpetual license, subscription model, pay after use model etc.

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