Senior UX Designer

Senior UX Designer


At Minna Technologies, we are on a mission to bring power to the modern consumer through effortless subscription management. Founded in 2016, with partners such as Visa, Swedbank and Danske Bank, we are currently one of Europe's fastest growing FinTech companies. Our world-leading subscription management products currently reach 18.7 million users and help people save time, money and effort. We believe our users knows best, and by listening to them, we can make great products.

We are now looking for you as a senior UX Designer to join our team. You will support our product teams with research, insights from users and design solutions to interesting problems together with our UX and UI Designers.

You are the right person if you:
- Love the problem, not the solution.
- Are a well rounded UX Designer with experience in research, synthesis, idea development and design iteration.
- Bring learnings from your previous experiences supporting the sales organisation where you bridge business and design.
- Are comfortable leading and facilitating workshops directly with customers
- Appreciate to work with and learn from fast paced iterations.
- Thrive when working closely with Developers and Product Management.

We as designers at Minna (including you then):
We exist as a team of designers (Hey from Elise UX (, Sylvain UI ( and Patrik Team Lead! ( in order to not end up as lonely designers in the product teams (and we get to nerd out as designers). In our team, we divide the product teams and customers among us in order to be present where it happens and make sure each PO has a “go to designer”.

This allows us to build a mixed skilled team, adding the right designers to the right projects. It also allows us to get variation, not getting stuck in one product area for too long.

Btw, we call ourselves Pigcorns - welcome to our team!

Traits we think are valuable in a designer:
- You are interested in design problem-solving skills. We use and try out a variety of digital tools that are relevant to the team's needs.
- You believe that working together and learning from each other as a team while growing is the way forward. Collaboration is key and no one knows it all.
- You want to help the company to keep on being user-centered in the way we innovate.

What we offer you
At Minna Technologies, we strive to have a caring and inspiring work environment where you are encouraged to be yourself, and where you can grow as a person.

We believe in a culture that makes everyone feel appreciated, included and respected. In fact, our aspiration is to create such a good work environment that you will never feel the urge to apply for another job ever again!

In order to create an amazing workplace, we strongly believe that the office must feel like your second home. That is why we put great effort into making our office feel cozy and welcoming. Going to work should be a pleasure!

Besides putting lots of effort into our culture and office, we also offer several other employee benefits. Here is a summary of what you can expect when working at Minna Technologies:

- Shares in the company
- Assistance with relocation, visa and finding housing in Gothenburg
- Occupational pension
- Wellness grant
- Technical Equipment of your choosing
- Career planning and coaching
- Team trips two times a year
- Flexible work hours
- A social environment
- Reload your energy with our kitchen full of free snacks, smoothies, soft drinks, breakfast food etc

If you would like to learn more about our company, we encourage you to check out our our Instagram page (

When you apply
Your skillset and process is so much more relevant to us than your years of experience, therefore its your portfolio we are the most interested in seeing.


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