Signal Integrity Engineer

Signal Integrity Engineer


We are looking for a skilled Signal Integrity Engineer to join our Tech & Ref team.

What will you work with?
You will join an experienced team of 13 Electrical Engineers. We are responsible for the Reference hardware designs and support the complete organization with critical Electrical blocks for all products. We mainly work in project teams and as a Signal Integrity Engineer you will take an active role to perform simulation on the DDR memory interface and other high speed interfaces in new Reference hardware designs. You will work together with the PCB cad engineers within the project to make the design compliant towards specification with inputs from the simulation. Tasks that your work will involve:

* Perform signal and power integrity analysis and verification of the DDR memory and other high-speed interface using Sigrity
* Provide model extraction and time domain simulation for PCB and package together with models for the driver/receiver
* Optimize PCB and package design for high-speed signals and critical power rails through design review and simulation
* Perform and review high frequency measurements to establish correlation with modeling and simulation

Who are you?
You are curious, deeply technically interested, love challenges and to solve them in a team focused atmosphere. Furthermore we believe that you are self-going and get inspired by working in an environment of openness, creativity, trust, commitment, playfulness and encouragement. As your closest manager, I support your personal development, provide individual freedom, give trust and guide you in your career.

Desired qualifications:

* Master's degree , PhD or Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
* Understanding of PCB construction and design, transmission line theory, and high-speed Gbps serial data interface signal integrity challenges
* Experience with the product development process for mass volume production design, with a focus on signal integrity, power integrity and EMI
* Understanding of IBIS and S-parameter models
* Experience with EDA tools such as Sigrity, SIwave, ADS, and Hyperlynx
* Familiar with and able to use equipment such as VNA, TDR and high-speed oscilloscopes
* Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment

What is Axis?
At Axis, great ideas have a way of becoming great products. We are a fast growing and innovative company with a global footprint. Ever since the start of the company, we have blended commitment to deliver with taking a break for a game of table tennis or a classic Swedish "fika". The Axis culture is successful and hard to copy and must be experienced. If you yearn for an open company where everyone strives for the next level together, you have come to the right place to explore your potential. You will be part of a team of great colleagues that enjoy going to work in the morning.

Ready to act?
Are you thrilled about the job description and found a personal match? Send in your application! Axis is a company realizing the benefits of a diverse workforce. We know that diversity in groups creates a better working environment and promotes creativity, something that is fundamental for our success.

Come join us and get the chance to work at the forefront of technology. If you have any questions, get in touch with hiring manager Magnus Gruffman at +46 46 272 2338.

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