Software Engineer

Software Engineer


At Tink, we’re creating the foundations that a new world of finance will be built on. By constantly challenging ourselves to go further and do better, we’re developing the ground-breaking services that businesses will use, to revolutionize the way millions of people manage their money. The world of financial services is changing fast, and we will continue to be at the forefront of it.

Please note: This is a position for HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, and we will not be able to offer relocation services for international candidates.

About Tink

We are here to radically change the banking industry for the better. We have built Europe’s most robust open banking platform - with the broadest, deepest connectivity and powerful services that create value out of the financial data. We offer the tools that allow anyone, from big banks and fintech to startups, to build the future of financial services across Europe. But we are far from done. Tink is at the forefront of the Open Banking trend and we keep pushing what good looks like in the industry.

We are a company of developers and engineers - it’s in our DNA to imagine, build and iterate. We were founded with a vision of transforming an industry that lacked competition and momentum. People from all over Europe, and the world, have joined us on our mission to build the biggest and best open banking platform in Europe.

Tink is trusted by some of the largest players in financial services. Today, Tink technology is used by companies like Paypal, Klarna, BNP Paribas, and Avanza. Read more about our services and how they are used here. (

Engineering @ Tink

Engineering at Tink is built up of people. They are the ones who make sure we can develop the leading open banking platform by building easy-to-use and scalable services. As we are doing something that hasn’t been done before, it involves coming up with new solutions and making them scalable for our future growth. As an engineer at Tink, you will be part of driving the change in how everyone perceives banking and financial services for the better. We are looking for people who want to have an impact. In your team, at Tink, in the industry. Imagine looking back and saying that you were part of something that changed the financial sector into a modern and easy-to-understand service.

Engineering at Tink is an inspirational group, where sharing knowledge and learnings from each other makes us develop and grow in our roles. With things like Tink Academy and the Book of Tink, knowledge is to be found everywhere. Everything to help each other grow in their roles.

What's in it for you?

- We’re looking for software engineers that are at a mid-level stage of their career who want to focus on backend development.
- As an engineer at Tink, you will work in a specific team critical to Tink’s needs with opportunities to switch teams and projects as you grow and evolve. You will get the opportunity to work with senior engineers and develop your skills by pushing our product forward.

Our tech

We use AWS as a platform, and technologies such as Java, Go, Cassandra, Memcached, Bazel, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Docker, gRPC, and MySQL, and all our microservices run on Kubernetes. What to use has been developed over the last years of work, but with that said, we continuously improve our ways of working to become better at what we do.

What can we offer you?

We like to see Tink as a great opportunity for people with passion and engagement. Tink is an engineering and product company at heart. We look for people who want to keep growing as an engineer in a fast-paced environment. Making a dent in this market will not be easy, but when we do, it will be rewarded. Hence, we would like for everyone that has contributed to taking part in the upside of our business. Therefore, all employees at Tink have the opportunity to join our warrant program.


Feel free to attach links to your Github account or anything else you feel we should know about. We're happy to tell you more about each product area!

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