Technical Director - Unannounced Project


Technical Director - Unannounced Project

Have you ever wanted to build something that helps others create and explore? Have you ever wanted to be a leading part of a team that genuinely wants to help players share their creative ideas, dreams, and visions with millions of other players at the same time?

Right now, we’re searching for Technical Director steering the team doing exactly that! We’re building what we genuinely believe is the future of creative gaming, giving the players a plethora of design tools to create games, experiences, and more. Once creators are happy with what they’re building, they can share it with others, securely, knowing full well their creation is safe and more importantly - theirs.

With groundbreaking technologies available to you as a part of Ringtail, this team is unique. We are extremely excited by what we are building and if what you’ve read so far has you feeling that way too, then we want to hear from you

As the Technical Director you will be responsible for steering the technical direction of the product and building a successful team to deliver on all challenges.

Essential Requirements

- Experience in leading and growing a cross-functional development team by hiring, mentoring, inspiring and guiding through your feedback.

- Full proficiency in Unity 3D and all its core components
- Expertise in C#/.Net (C# 9/10 and .Net 5/6 preferred)
- Ability to quickly grasp the “full picture”
- Advocating for excellent structure (such as clean code practices, deep knowledge of software architecture, consistency in all deliverables)
- Deep understanding of CI/CD pipeline development
- Embracing disposition towards external input (such as valuing feedback and open communication)
- Collaborate with other leaders and be a voice for your team
- Proactive learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies
- Ability to be autonomous (such as taking ownership of your own tasks, seeing possible improvements in the “big picture“)

Good to have

- Experience in native development (such as iOS/Android)
- Experience creating Client/Server applications in C#
- Experience with Frontend/Backend development in C#

Personal traits

- Ability to take ownership of responsibilities
- Ability to prioritize own tasks and guide others in doing so
- Good interpersonal and team-work skills
- Open to feedback
- Collaborative and consensus-driven approach

About Ringtail Interactive
Ringtail Interactive is fast-growing technology start up working in the games industry with an overall goal of creating an unrivalled server solution to the market for use within small and medium sized enterprises. The team consists of a diverse group of experienced professionals from all around the world consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible for a small development team. The company consists of two subsidiaries, Ringtail Games and Ringtail Technology.

Over the next year, we will be continuing to build the core of the team. Joining now will give you a chance to have a real impact on the company and the way in which the project develops.

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