Thesis work: Characterization of pharmaceutical grade celluloses

Thesis work: Characterization of pharmaceutical grade celluloses


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Thesis work: Characterization of pharmaceutical grade celluloses by Field Flow Fractionation and Imaging, 30-60 hp

Are you passionate about science and looking for a thesis work starting this autumn? Would you like to join a company that follows the science and turns ideas into life changing medicines? Then AstraZeneca might be the one for you!

At AstraZeneca we are committed to developing our people and sometimes this creates opporutinites for our people to work in different locations across the world. Are you ready to support our top talent by making this a great experience to help AstraZeneca continue to follow the science and turns ideas into life changing medicines?

With more than 2,400 employees from 50 countries, the vibrant Gothenburg site helps to support the entire life-cycle of AstraZeneca medicines, from drug discovery and clinical trials, to global commercialisation and product maintenance. Gothenburg is one of AstraZeneca’s three strategic, global R&D centres, alongside Cambridge and Gaithersburg, and plays a central role in our mission to deliver life-changing medicines to patients.

This is an opportunity to work with Pharmaceutical Development within AstraZeneca, Gothenburg. The team works in pre-clinical and all the way through to established commercial products. The focus of this project is to explore new ideas with characterization of chemically modified celluloses such as ethyl cellulose (EC), hydroxy-propyl cellulose (HPC), and hydroxy-propyl-methyl cellulose (HPMC) by Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) Multi Angle Laser Diffraction (MALS). Solid state spots from the  FFF separation are then subjected to photographic imaging. The work contain both a lab oriented part and a data science oriented part. The aim is to build an analytical method to characterise the polymers and the data science will be an integrated part.

Modified celluloses are commonly used in pharmaceutical products and have various roles depending on their physical and chemical properties, both to speed up the release of drug from e.g. tablets by working as disintegrants and to reduce the speed of drug release through gel formation or film coating. As these celluloses are polymer molecules with biological origin, there are variations in the raw materials that influence the function during drug delivery even within a specific pharmaceutical grade.
The goal with this project is to evaluate organic phase FFF as a novel separation approach in combination with collection of separated polymer fractions for imaging on molecular size fractions deposited as spots. One subject is to correlate image information with results from reference measurements by IR, Raman, mass-spectrometry (MS), or time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS).  Another possible subject is to streamline the automation for the analytical chemistry method from introduction of samples in the chromatographic system, deposition of spots, and development of the automation of the photographic imaging setup to accommodate the spots from the previous step. The aim is to submit findings as a scientific publication.

Exploratory and correlative deep learning and other machine leaning modelling for images will be employed in collaboration with data science functions within AstraZeneca to evaluate results and for correlation with the reference methods. 

The master thesis project will be a collaboration between a suitable department at your present university, and AstraZeneca Gothenburg. The location for the work will be in AstraZeneca in Mölndal with a start time not earlier than end of October 2021. The data science focussed part may involve working from home, depending on the Covid situation.

The project consists of: 
Theoretical study and literature review
Build appropriate FFF-separation and detection method

Successfully completed undergraduate studies in chemistry, engineering, pharmacy or a related area.

Are you already imagining yourself joining our team? Good, because we can’t wait to hear from you.

Randstad Life Sciences is cooperating with AstraZeneca in this recruitment process. We only handle applications through Randstad’s website.

Deadline for application: 2021-04-25, selection and interviews will be ongoing. The position may be filled before the last day of application, therefore, apply as soon as possible.

For more information: Kerstin Karlsson

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