Wanted: Experienced Level/Game Designer that loves World of Warcraft


Why you want to be a Design Generalist at Chief Rebel

We offer a platform for you to shape the player's journey through dungeons, carefully designed layouts, epic boss fights, and engaging enemy encounters. This is an opportunity to make an impact by taking ownership of handcrafted levels, designing memorable boss battles, and crafting challenging enemy encounters. As a Design Generalist at Chief Rebel, you will have the chance to showcase your skills in level design while also contributing to other aspects of game design, such as boss and enemy encounters.

About the role

As a skilled Design Generalist at Chief Rebel, you will be at the forefront of creating remarkable game levels and encounters. Your expertise in level design, including layout, boss battles, and enemy encounters, will be instrumental in shaping our gameplay experiences. Collaborating closely with the environment team, artists, animators, programmers, and game director, you will lead the charge in translating our envisioned levels and encounters with great replayability. Your proficiency in level design, storytelling, and player guidance will set the bar for excellence.

Your responsibilities will include:

- Taking a leadership role in designing and building immersive levels, boss battles, and enemy encounters in collaboration with Feature Teams.

- Developing onboarding elements and tutorials to enhance the player experience.

- Applying UX principles to ensure exceptional player engagement, readability, and enjoyment.

- Maintaining a satisfying flow and pacing throughout combat scenarios and boss battles.

- Collaborating closely with the environment and gameplay team to create cohesive aesthetics, ambiance, and memorable encounters.

- Making a significant impact on the overall appeal and impact of the game through your handcrafted levels, boss battles, and enemy encounters.

Skills needed

To excel as a Design Generalist at Chief Rebel, you should possess the following skills and qualifications:

- Passion for cooperative gameplay and a solid understanding of MMOs, MOBAs, or A-RPGs.

- Extensive experience and expertise in level design, with a strong emphasis on fulfilling the player's fantasy and guiding them through the experience.

- Proven track record in scripting, navmeshes, lighting, and designing boss and enemy encounters.

- Proficiency in developing onboarding elements and designing effective tutorials.

- Advanced knowledge of player engagement, pacing, and storytelling techniques.

- Keen attention to detail, ensuring exceptional readability, immersion, and an enjoyable player experience.

- Previous experience in shipping games and a deep understanding of the game development process.


To apply, please submit your resume and portfolio.

About Chief Rebel

Chief Rebel is a game development studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. We make stylized games with deeply involved mechanics. www.chiefrebel.com (http://www.chiefrebel.com/)


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