Business Area Manager - Recondoil Box


Business Area Manager – Recondoil Box

SKF RecondOil
Oil is the world’s most important raw materials. It is used as lubricant in virtually all industrial processes. Oil is also a source to the ongoing pollution and climate change. There are many reasons why this valuable resource needs to be better used - in a circular way. SKF RecondOil, acquired by the SKF Group in 2019, is a clean tech company founded almost ten year ago with the aim to create a sustainable use of oil. Combining advanced separation technologies (chemical and mechanical) from different fields, to create a technology platform (DST) that allows a lubricating oil to be cleaned down to nano sized particles and regenerated with the additives still intact. The oil can be used again and again, creating a truly circular economy – cutting carbon footprint, creating new business models and having a positive impact on the environment.

Overall job description
Drive the activities that will enable success of the newly invented Recondoil Box as part of the SKF RecondOil product portfolio. In the role, you will be responsible for following up on both commercial- and technical aspects of the products.

You will establish the processes, tools and support necessary for SKF Sales to deliver services to customers, related to RecondOil Box solutions, based on agreed customer targets e.g., oil savings, performance improvements, and sustainability advantages.

Additionally, you will drive development of the product further, to ensure that a scalable- and modular platform is provided to all markets where SKF is present.

• Document and track ongoing field- and customer projects and feed back the results to the product development team and manufacturing partner
• Provide technical- and commercial support to SKF local sales teams in the different regions
• Take ownership for the RecondOil Box Service delivery process
• Develop Service delivery guidelines for sales units and harmonize with the practices of SKF’s customer service.
• Establish test procedures necessary to ensure RecondOil Box functionality
• Define requirements and evaluate system support to enable large scale delivery in Sales units
• Set up a knowledge and experience platform for the RecondOil Box product line
• Ensure continuous learning in RecondOil organisation based on sales unit and customer feedback
• Manage internal orders for RecondOil Box products, including hardware, consumables and the logistics connected to subscription business models
• Manage any required updates/add-ons of RecondOil products in SKF’s common systems e.g. ProdMast

• Strong commercial and technical/mechanical aptitude
• Strong commercial and technical/mechanical aptitude
• 5 years of experience in a service and delivery function
• Experience in establishing new, innovative business models in a global setting
• Well documented history of launching new products and offerings
• Proven track record withing the field of QA/QC towards suppliers- and customers
• Fluency in English both verbally- and in writing

Are you interested in this position?
If the answer is yes, and you meet the above requirements, please submit your application with resume in English no later than 20th of December 2021.
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