CFO - Clean Motion

CFO - Clean Motion


Conventional electric vehicles are neither energy-efficient nor financially scalable for the world at large. Fleet businesses are struggling to achieve profitability with sustainability.

Additionally, heavy-weight vehicles cause wear on roads, tires, and brakes, all adding to air pollution and infrastructure costs.

We believe we have the solution, with our tailored vehicles for the cities. Agile - Compact - Energy and resource-efficient. All electric without tailpipe emissions and lowest possible life cycle impact. We want to start helping Europe as our target market to make more conscious decisions. The companies who have already thought about the electricity infrastructure. We believe the most important external accelerator is the EU’s 100 cities that target to be climate neutral by 2030. And we need your help to make this happen.

As our CFO you will help solve some of our biggest challenges short term and long term the possibilities are endless. In the next 12 months, we are facing a true scaling challenge where we plan to grow our manufacturing by 10X. With that comes reshaping the company’s processes from all associated aspects like purchasing, financial reporting, and investments.

- We want to help our partners with their investments

- We want to scale the production to meet our market needs

- We want to communicate with our stakeholders, shareholders, and partners to help them navigate their decision making

About your work
You will help our customers to make better investments and make our vehicles more accessible today. You will create financial solutions for them to lower the barrier to make a better choice. The market is huge and the capabilities are endless. Your experience in this process will help us scale today.

- Financial solutions for our customers as well as for CleanMotion

When our customers decide to make the investment we need to make sure they will receive their vehicles on time and therefore we want to scale the production in an efficient way. You will invest and implement the ERP of choice and make the production as automatic as possible. We believe you have done this before and are well familiar with the industrial environment.

- ERP investment, implementation, and automation

In addition to scaling the sales and production, we want to make sure everyone onboard is getting the right information along the way. We care about our customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and the world. We want you to communicate with them all and based on your previous experience you know the right tone of voice. In English and Swedish language.

- Representing CleanMotion
IR, CleanMotion days, stock market days, etc

You are the overall financially responsible for CleanMotion and will help steer the company by numbers and make sure we also take the right decisions along the way. Your previous experience as CFO along with experience working tight with entrepreneurs will benefit our scaling process.

- Budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting (4 times/y)

This will be a long journey of fun challenges. Do you want to be part of this? Let’s hope so =)

Why join Clean Motion?

- You want to make a real impact on the planet

- You want to run an industrial design scaleup based on engineering and technology side by side with entrepreneurs and passionate people

- You want to operate in a modern environment using technology for smart decision making

- You want to work locally and globally at the same time

- You want to use your curiosity and creativity on a daily basis

Who we are
Our story started in 2010 in Lerum, on the west coast of Sweden, with a mission to find a solution for sustainable transport in urban environments.

Fast forward until now where we have both a solid understanding and proven solution for what we believe is the future of mobility. A transportation solution suited for daily use, with a vehicle somewhere between a conventional car and a scooter.

Alongside significant engineering & technology advancements, our industrial design has been crafted over the years to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses with one common purpose - providing urban transport at scale.

How to show your interest
Do you want to be our CFO? Say hi by applying, answering some short Yes/No questions, and giving us your story about why you want to choose us.

We handle applications continuously, please share your story sooner than later. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Have any questions?
Please contact CEO, Göran Folkesson +46 735 32 02 73 or
Alexandra Emilsson,, +46 735 66 65 12.

Come visit our website for more inspiration and clarity (


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