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A Creative Director (CD) at Oatly is a hybrid between creative genius and strategic planner, responsible for both the brand strategy and creative execution of all branding elements in a specifically assigned regional market, however he or she is also expected to collaborate across regions and contribute to the development of the Oatly voice throughout Europe and at times even North America and the APAC region.

A CD is expected to participate in meetings throughout the organization (not just creative meetings), extract the opportunities that exist, brief a creative team, drive creative development and execution, and then approve all produced work while managing budgets at the same time. To succeed at this job, the right candidate must inherently understand that at the end of the day the best idea must prevail, however the road to that idea must take into consideration commercial stakeholders, team members, external specialists and specific context without compromising at all. Reread that last sentence again. You must actually enjoy contributing to the creative collective and being part of team with aims to create systemic societal change.

The candidate we are looking for needs to possess the following experience and skills:

- Documented experience in working in a global environment, across multiple countries and delivering world-class, award-winning strategic communication.

- This CD needs to be a writer, and everything we write is in English, so this demands you are a native English writer. Your copywriting skills need to be non-sensical, lyrical and scientifically simple all at the same time. You’ll need to write for us before we hire you, just so you know.

- Preferably you are an entrepreneur, which means you have owned and operated your own ad agency at the highest level, so you know how to grow both business and teams and establish a strong cultural vibe at the same time.

- You possess structure yet are unfazed by taking risks in your work. You know the difference between world-class and national-class.

- You are fearless and understand that failure and set-backs are actually a new brief.


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