Electronics engineer with embedded skills to Mpya Sci & Tech

Electronics engineer with embedded skills to Mpya Sci & Tech


Mpya Sci & Tech är skapat av och för människor som älskar teknik och naturvetenskap. Vi är inte här för att göra något som alla andra gör. Vi tar nischad rekrytering och konsulting till en ny nivå med fokus på kandidatperspektivet. Det är därför vi kallar oss Talent Advisors. Vi tror att de riktiga talangerna är de individer som vågar utvecklas genom hela livet. Med lång erfarenhet och djup kunskap om branschen har vi skapat ett framåtlutat och spetsigt bolag, på vårt sätt.

På Mpya Sci & Tech tror vi på ett hållbart arbetsliv där vi tillsammans bygger en kultur med genuin delaktighet, ivrig nyfikenhet och möjlighet att få vara sig själv. Kom och utvecklas ihop med oss i Göteborg och Stockholm. Hos en arbetsgivare i världsklass

Mpya Sci & Tech has started a journey and we want you to ride along! What characterizes us is curiosity, inclusive leadership and a allowing environment where everyone can be who they are. Is this something you want to be a part of and contribute to? If you are looking for an employer characterized by a strong culture, work-life balance and with favorable conditions for you as a consultant, then you have probably found the right one!

Our offer

Great opportunities together with your colleagues to develop Mpya Sci & Tech and come up with ideas and input. Coaching together with our Talent Advisors to ensure that you meet your career goals through new and interesting assignments or by taking on a greater role within the company. Access to mentors and networks within your technology branch where exchanges take place at various events and joint activities regularly. We offer a competitive and flexible employment offer where you set the framework for what is important to you and your particular life situation.

Area of Responsibility

• Participate and lead electrical hardware design from concept to production including circuit design, embedded programming, schematic entry, PCB layout design, transfer-to-manufacturing, testing, and documentation
• Work with partnering engineering companies to ensure quick product development cycles
• Assist with failure analysis and determination of corrective actions for both product development and as second line customer support
• Provide input for project schedules. Ensure assigned tasks are completed per project schedule
• Develop custom PCB designs for specific customer projects
• Assist with certification and verification processes as the electrical technical lead

As an electrical engineer with embedded skills you meet some of the following criterias.


• Bachelor's of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, preferably Master’s of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering or related field
• Prior electrical engineering experience
• Background in development of microprocessor-controlled hardware
• Analog design experience
• Electro-optical component design and characterization experience, including LEDs and photodiodes
• Proficient with industry standard PCB design tools
• Preferably experience in 3D design software such as Solidworks and AGI 32
• Good written and verbal communication; ability to explain complex concepts and designs to colleagues across disciplines
• Experience managing vendors locally and abroad
• Able to work independently
• Good interpersonal & organizational skills
• Good written & spoken English communication skills

About us at Mpya Sci & Tech

Mpya Sci & Tech is created by and for people who love technology and science. We are not here to do what everyone else is doing. We take niche recruitment and consulting to a new level with a focus on the candidate's perspective. That is why we are Talent Advisors. We believe that the real talents are the individuals who dare to develop throughout their lives. With long experience and deep knowledge of the industry, we have created a forward-leaning and edgy company, in our own way.

At Mpya Sci & Tech, we believe in a sustainable work life where we together build a culture where you can Be excitedly curious, Be inclusive and allowing and Be who you are. Come and flourish together with us in Gothenburg and Stockholm. At a world-class employer.


For questions about the service, you are most welcome to contact Talent Advisor Mattias Runevad,
0730463341. We work with ongoing selection so do not delay with your application as the service may be added before the last application date. Apply for the service via www.mpyascitech.com no later than Friday, February 14, 2020. Welcome!


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