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A safe future requires reliable data for autonomous systems. Annotell helps to validate autonomous vehicles by providing a comprehensive solution to data for development and validation. The Data Delivery team is the link between customers, annotators and the platform and is an essential part of creating reliable data to the customer. We are now looking to expand our team with a new Data Delivery Manager to join our highly skilled and ambitious team!

Annotell started in 2018, with the mission to make safe perception for autonomous mobility possible. To achieve this we have created the Annotell platform where our customers easily can handle all of their automotive data under one roof.

The team
The Data Delivery Team is a central part of Annotell, especially when it comes to Advanced automotive labelling solutions (annotations) where we are the link between our customers, annotations and our platform. We are the rapid response part of our deliveries and we succeed by collaborating with other departments to ensure timely deliveries to customers. We work closely together with departments such as Sales, Advisory Services and Engineering to find the best technical solutions, and in the end to make our customers happy.

Sounds interesting! But...what does annotation mean?
If you dont know a thing about annotation yet, don't worry - we will teach you when you get here. But let's just go through a brief explanation about the main scope in order to paint the full picture regarding what the role entails.

Roughly speaking: annotation is when rules are placed on data (the data can be e.g. pictures, videos). The “rules” are information in the form of labels, or tags and Annotators are the workforce who sets these rules. Annotell provides the annotators with the data, instructions (quality and speed), a framework and a platform to work in. Through this, our responsibility is to ensure that the Annotators have the right support and tools to unanimously agree on how the data should be annotated.

The role
Being a Data Delivery Manager at Annotell means that you have two main areas of responsibility - Project Coordination and Business Development.

Project Coordination - The coordination part of your role consists of managing the annotation timeline and workforce for multiple deliveries. Simply put, you are on top of things by continuously reviewing the deliveries in your projects to make sure we have a consistency, timeliness and good quality of the annotations. You are also responsible for allocating your workforce so that they match your different projects over time. To support you in this mission you have a highly skilled team of Annotation Quality Managers by your side, who have worked closely together with our different Annotations teams for a long time. They are our experts in annotation technique and quality assurance of the annotations.

Business Development - Apart from managing your projects, this role also entails a business development aspect. All our Data Delivery Managers have their own areas of expertise that they care for and develop over time. Although not completely set yet, we hope that your background and interests will match the business development area that we have in mind for this position. Most likely it will involve developing our quality control process or strengthening our way-of-working with existing and new collaborating partners. You will own your development area and work closely together with our different teams in Engineering, Advisory Services and Sales to create stable and structured processes and find the best implementation solutions.

Who you are
You have the right mindset and passion - that is what we value the most. Various backgrounds and experiences can make you a good fit for this role and our team. If you are unsure about how you would fit, don't hesitate to apply and we can figure it out together.

Since our annotation teams work all around the world, and you are a key part of supporting and managing them on a day-to-day basis, we believe that you are a person who enjoys and thrives in being a part of that cultural diversity and that you see yourself as an excellent communicator. You will succeed in this position if you practice change management, are an initiator that likes to independently drive questions that matter and that you enjoy creating structure to form a more efficient work flow. If you enjoy a flexible way of working, have a proactive approach and dare to act under uncertainties, then our team will most likely be a good match for you.

Besides that, we see that you fit into several of these:

- A university degree within business, management, economics or equivalent
- Previous experience of project leading or management in multiple projects at the same time
- Fluent in English, both written and spoken
- Good experience of working with spreadsheets, e.g Excel
- Previous experience in reporting and analysing statistics
- Business development or business strategy experience

What is in it for you?
Other than working with extremely talented and humble people in a fun and creative environment we also have a lot of other great benefits!

- Strong values and purpose-driven company
- Workplace flexibility and Work-life balance
- Competitive salaries
- Exciting career opportunities in a dynamic and fast scaling startup!
- Parental pay, salary exchange, maximum health benefit, order your own workstation, place your own pension - to name a few

We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible. We select and perform interviews continuously. If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact People & Culture Manager Rebecka Simonsson at

About Annotell
Annotell was founded in 2018 by Oscar Petersson and Daniel Langkilde, two engineering physicists working in the field of Deep Learning. Our mission is to make safe perception for autonomous mobility possible. We now support world-leading companies in the field of Autonomous Driving, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and Active Safety development worldwide.

Our office is located at Lindholmen, just by the beautiful waterfront and Lindholmen Science Park.


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