Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Engineer


The position of Technical Support Engineer is equivalent of being the specialist on Postrack´s GPS hardware used across our product portfolio. You should be that safe source of knowledge, skills and experience that all our staff can lean on when it comes to hardware.
You will help our first line technical support solving issues that they cannot solve themselves. This involves advanced troubleshooting of hardware, firmware, communication and software in order to find the root cause of the issues and fix them either yourself or with help from our partners if the issue is not within your control.
You are responsible for creating and maintaining device scripts that supports each use case of our service. This involves scripting capabilities and lots of testing to make sure that devices behave as expected.
You will assist Product Management in finding, evaluating and testing new hardware that will be included in our product portfolio and participate in R&D projects of the development of new GPS products.
The position reports to the Chief Technology Officer.

Being the company´s specialist on hardware, firmware and communication and act as second line technical support
Advanced system troubleshooting of hardware and software, to find the root cause of issues
Correct errors and escalate issues to external partners if errors are not within your control
Create and maintain device scripts
Participate in R&D, find and test new hardware vendors and products
Documenting procedures and maintaining records
Advanced system administration

A qualified candidates’ skill requirements are listed below but not limited to, the following:
Must possess strong problem solving/troubleshooting and critical logical thinking skills
Must have a strong attention to detail.
Fluent in Swedish
Fluent in English
Preferably previous experience with GPS and/or mobile devices in a technical role
Preferably previous experience of cellular technologies (e.g. GSM, GPRS, LTE)
Preferably experience of testing devices
Preferably experience in testing software
Preferably previous experience with some script-language (example PowerShell, Perl, Python)


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